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Maxillary molar anchorage preservation

Drs. Larry W. White and Francesca Scilla Smith discuss a technique for maxillary molar anchorage preservation Maxillary molar anchorage has perplexed orthodontists since the beginning of premolar extraction therapies. Every clinician knows from sad experience that maxillary molars easily displace and rotate mesially when challenged with mesial space and force. Obvious and early remedies — …

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“Primum non nocere”

Drs. Donald J. Rinchuse, Dara L. Rinchuse, and Mr. Donald N. Rinchuse discuss the safety and health of patients, orthodontists, and staff during the COVID-19 crisis Abstract This article explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on orthodontic practice. It reports on the current public health and evidence-based medical and scientific news related to the …

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The etiology of malocclusion and the “scientific method”

Dr. John L. Hayes discusses the importance of discovering the why before treatment Abstract The “scientific method” was promoted by Francis Bacon (1561-1626) as a way to help move the society of his day away from old beliefs and superstitions. He believed that nothing was discovered without the scientific method and that scientists attempt to …

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The Tier V Practice

Dr. Ron Roncone discusses the PhysioDynamicSystem (PDS) With all of the changes occurring in the orthodontic profession, especially in the past 15 years, orthodontists have had to choose how they would like to practice. Disruption — one of the newer terms — is used both in a positive and negative manner. What disruptions have and …

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“Peg-shaped” maxillary lateral incisors and orthodontics

Based on the meta-analysis by Hua, et al., in 2013,1 the prevalence of peg-shaped maxillary permanent lateral incisors (Figures 1A, 1B, 1C, and 2) varies by race, population type, and gender. Overall, the prevalence of peg-shaped maxillary permanent lateral incisors is 1.8%. It is highest in the Mongoloid (3.4%) race. The prevalence in an orthodontic population is 2.7%. Women are 1.35 times more likely than men to have peg-shaped maxillary lateral incisors. Although the prevalence is the same for unilateral and bilateral peg-shaped lateral incisors, the left side is twice as common as the right side.1

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Lessons learned: a two-phase orthodontic treatment plan

Editor’s intro: Dr. Klifford Kapus discusses the pros and cons of two-phase treatment and the importance of taking the parent’s and child’s circumstances into account.  Dr. Klifford T. Kapus discusses a case presentation Perhaps the most dramatic change in my practice philosophy since I achieved my orthodontic certification in 1999 has been my stance on early interceptive …

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Increased orthodontic retention and tongue posture

Editor’s intro: Tongue posture is just one aspect of myofunctional therapy.  During all phases of treatment, myofunctional therapists work with orthodontists as a multidisciplinary team to achieve long-term orthodontic stability.   Sarah Hornsby, RDH, discusses the benefits of myofunctional therapy as a multidisciplinary part of the orthodontic practice Most patients assume that the results of their …

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