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Protecting your practice from hackers

We are all experiencing constant dangerous threats in our digital lives with ongoing attempts to phish for login credentials, personal details, banking information, and more. These threats come in the form of email scams, suspicious texts, payroll and wire fraud, etc. Think about how many you receive personally. Now multiply that by the number of staff you employ who could unknowingly allow hackers access to your orthodontic practice’s network and systems with one wrong click.

Keeping patient and sensitive data safe

Our robust Black Talon Academy Cybersecurity Awareness Training program significantly reduces your “click-risk” and empowers your staff to recognize well-disguised malicious attempts to breach your network. Regular training tailored to help each team member understand and identify the latest cyberthreats within their daily workflows in a practice is crucial. All team members must know the signs of phishing, the subtleties of social engineering scams, and the importance of strong password habits. Taking time to analyze links and emails for malicious intent must become second nature for everyone.

Staff training should be your first line of defense in the cyber war

Significantly reduce your practice’s exposure to a debilitating attack by cultivating a culture of awareness. Empower your team, fortify your defenses, and proactively protect with informed awareness.

Visit Black Talon Security at AAO Booth No. 2729.



BrandHouse Dental — Your practice. Your brand. Your products

BrandHouse Dental helps offices provide and sell their own brand of fully customized dental and bleaching products. From retainer delivery and bleaching products to branded electric toothbrushes, BrandHouse Dental has everything you need to elevate your practice’s brand.

Each of our products is FDA registered and ISO certified to ensure that you are providing your patients with the highest quality of products. Our packaging is fully customizable with full-color printing and high-quality rigid and magnetic closing boxes to showcase your custom-branded products.

BrandHouse Dental simplifies the process of the design with our fully online design-proofing software that puts you in control of your packaging design. Using your logos and design requests, we create your packaging designs and will provide you with all printing proofs along with a full 3D rendering of your products for you to approve before we begin production.

Provide and sell your own brand of professionally manufactured and packaged products to promote your practice while creating an additional revenue stream with BrandHouse Dental.

Visit BrandHouse Dental at AAO Booth No. 1440.



Redefine orthodontics with ClearCorrect® at AAO 2024!

 Ever wondered why aligners lose their initial force over time? Explore ClearCorrect’s cutting-edge technology at Booth No. 3019 as we unveil a solution to this common issue. Did you know our aligners retain 10x more initial force compared to competitors?1 Discover how this innovation transforms treatment efficiency!

Tired of additional attachments and patient discomfort? Break free from tradition with ClearCorrect’s high trimline design, 2.5x more retentive than scalloped aligners.2 Learn how this feature enhances patient comfort and simplifies treatment procedures.

Seeking aligners that stand the test of time? Explore how ClearCorrect’s ClearQuartz material ensures long-lasting reliability. Our proprietary aligners, engineered for 4x more tear resistance1 without staining, elevate durability standards.

Visit Booth No. 3019, and discover the ClearCorrect difference at AAO 2024! Redefine orthodontic excellence with ClearCorrect.


  1. Data on file; compared to 0.030” single layer polyurethane
  2. Cowley DP, Mah J, O’Toole B. The effect of gingival-margin design on the retention of thermoformed aligners. J Clin Orthod. 2012 Nov;46(11):697-702; quiz 705.

Visit ClearCorrect at AAO Booth No. 3019.



DentalMonitoring with DM Insights

Convenience for patients, clinical control for doctors 

DentalMonitoring gives orthodontists the power to monitor their patient’s treatment progress remotely. Doctors are now able to have weekly updates, using scans created with the ScanBoxpro, the patient’s smartphone, and the DentalMonitoring patient app. The platform monitors 130+ intraoral observations including hygiene, gum disease, wire passivity, aligner fit, and tooth movement. Unlike other monitoring systems that add more demands on a busy clinician’s time, the intraoral observations from DentalMonitoring are automatically delivered to the practice. Notifications and reminders can be automated for all patients, which makes encouraging patient compliance more effective. The DentalMonitoring app also improves direct communication between patients and the practice staff by eliminating the problems of missed calls and voice messages. Instead, patients text the practice, and the staff knows exactly how to respond because they have real-time observations about what is happening inside the patient’s mouth.

The simplicity of remote scanning, which works for all orthodontic treatment types, phases, and appliance brands, helps doctors and staff streamline their schedules. Regular scanning makes treatment more convenient for patients while providing even more clinical control for orthodontists.

Every piece of data from remote monitoring flows into DM Insights, an industry-first data hub that clinicians use to discover patterns and trends in their practice. Doctors utilize DM Insights real-time data analytics to identify recurring issues and take action, retrain staff, improve procedures, or compare the effectiveness of certain appliances over time.

Visit DentalMonitoring at AAO Booth Nos. 1927, 1919, and 2019.



Dolphin: A leader in Cloud computing

 Dolphin has consistently anticipated evolving orthodontic practice trends for more than 35 years, and we’re proud to have been the first to offer Cloud computing more than 20 years ago:

  • 2003: AnywhereDolphin, allowing record-sharing over the internet.
  • 2012: Dolphin Cloud Sessions.
  • 2018: Dolphin Cloud Subscription.
  • 2023: Dolphin Blue, browser-based Dolphin software.
  • Along the way we’ve introduced Dolphin Mobile, Dolphin MyOrthodontist, New Patient Online Forms & Scheduling, and Concierge.

What is Cloud Computing anyway?

Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server. Your software is automatically updated, and your data is regularly backed up.

Dolphin Cloud Sessions and Cloud Subscription

Dolphin Cloud Sessions is a hosted solution allowing you to enjoy full-featured Dolphin Imaging and Management software in the cloud. Cloud Subscription is a SaaS model that essentially lets you “subscribe” to the software rather than “buy” it. 

Dolphin Blue

Dolphin Blue is a collection of Dolphin software modules in a web-based application. These modules include:

  • Dolphin Blue Practice: an orthodontic practice management system
  • Dolphin Blue Imaging: a patient imaging system for capturing, storing, and presenting patient images.
  • Dolphin Aquarium: a library of patient education videos

Both solutions seamlessly support practices with multiple locations. Visit www.dolphinimaging.com for more info.

Visit Dolphin Imaging at AAO Booth Nos. 1901 and 2001.


Carriere Motion Pro: the new standard in bite correction

We’ve taken fast, predictable, and discreet bite correction from revolutionary to essential!

The Carriere® Motion Pro™ bite corrector1 is the newest addition to the Motion portfolio and is fitted to teeth to treat the anteroposterior dimension of a patient’s occlusion, allowing clinicians to achieve a Class I platform within an average of 3 to 6 months2 of treatment and before placing brackets or aligners.

With the unique ability to treat both Class II and Class III patients with one device, Carriere Motion Pro bite corrector features a custom-designed drop-in hook to enhance treatment versatility. The wider reinforced cuspid pad hook ensures a consistent distribution of elastic forces, while the hook’s deep undercut simplifies elastic engagements and effectively secures the Carriere Motion Force™ oral elastics, a portfolio of products designed to work seamlessly with Motion appliances to provide optimal results. The latest addition to the portfolio, the Carriere Motion Force 3™ Elastics, will be available soon.

The Carriere Motion Pro bite corrector also features a built-in scribe line, flat faces, straight edges, and a recessed dimple, helping to provide intuitive and accurate placement. This efficient design provides fast and predictable treatment, and the condyle-shaped joint is designed to facilitate more natural and controlled movement. With more than a million confident smiles treated using Motion, the path to a new standard is here.

  1. Motion Pro bite corrector patent pending. Not available in all countries. See your local distributor for more information.
  1. Data on file.



Visit Henry Schein at AAO Booth No. 2719.



Custom digital workflow your patients expect, and your practice deserves

The KLOwen advantage in orthodontic practice

 Conventional orthodontics requires a reactive approach to treating cases. The orthodontist must continuously diagnose and manually adjust the appliance and wait until the next visit to see if the teeth are tracking correctly. The outcome is longer treatment times, more appointments, and increased stress in the practice.

The full custom difference

KLOwen is at the forefront of transforming orthodontic practices with our full custom digital solution proven to deliver up to 41% reduced treatment time and up to 45% reduced appointments.* Our full custom digital approach empowers orthodontists and their teams with unparalleled control over their time, treatment outcomes, and the patient experience.

Each patient’s orthodontic needs are unique. Leveraging advanced digital technology and a full custom portfolio, we work closely with the orthodontist to design customized treatment plans for each patient that include a tailored bracket prescription for each tooth, ensuring maximum control and a perfect fit for all three orders.

Reduced treatment time, reduced appointments, reduced stress — we provide the tools and support needed to elevate the conventional fixed appliance treatment experience for your practice and your patients. Learn more and connect with us at www.klowenortho.com.

* https://klowenortho.com/white-paper

Visit KLOwen at AAO Booth No. 1819.



LightForce Orthodontics: Braces, but optimized

 LightForce Orthodontics is revolutionizing orthodontic care with cutting-edge, custom bracket technology, offering personalized digital treatment plans that are precisely tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Experience the new standard of care with Lighforce’s 3D-printed, fully custom brackets, combined with indirect bonding, and digital planning. Come see us at AAO at Booth 1313.

LightForce Brackets

LightForce custom braces include a fully personalized base to fit the individual tooth morphology for complete freedom of motion for faster finishes and fewer appointments.* The 3D-printed translucent ceramic brackets are designed to meet your patients’ esthetic preferences, giving them the confidence to smile. Our LightTrays are patient-specific indirect bonding (IDB) trays, 3D printed from a proprietary material to streamline the bonding workflow.

Digital Treatment Planning

The digital workflow you know, combined with LightPlan cloud-based software, allows you to create and approve treatment plans quickly and easily. LightPlan enables precise treatment planning with the end goal in mind, resulting in fewer appointments throughout treatment.* Features include 3D tooth and segment controls, including archwire deflection, superimposition, Bolton analysis, tooth movement table, and much more.

*Based on data published by the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics.

Visit LightForce at AAO Booth No. 1313.



Elevate your orthodontic practice with Ormco™ Digital Bonding (ODB), Powered by Spark™ Technology! 

Powerful Spark ApproverTM software and best-in-class Damon Ultima™ Brackets provide a trouble-free solution for your daily workflow.

Ormco has combined its premiere orthodontic technologies to provide orthodontists with even greater flexibility and more treatment options. Practices can now streamline daily workflow and achieve customized bracket positioning by leveraging Damon Ultima brackets and Spark Approver Software.

Ormco’s newest innovation features one case submission portal for both Ormco Digital Bonding cases and Spark Clear Aligner cases, one easy-to-use software platform for Ormco Digital Bonding cases and Spark Clear Aligner cases, and the best-in-class Damon Ultima Brackets, the first true full-expression orthodontic system designed for faster and more precise finishing. These brackets are completely re-engineered to virtually eliminate play for precise control of rotation, angulation and torque.1 Plus, ODB features Ormco’s custom Jigs technology designed so that the “cap” wraps around the tooth buccally and lingually.*

Experience Ormco’s latest technology! Request a demo of Ormco Digital Bonding at go-orm.co/odb-orthopractice.

*   Data on file.

  1. Wires not included.


Visit Ormco at AAO Booth No. 2926.

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