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Drs. Straty Righellis and L. Douglas Knight illustrate an advanced treatment for the entire dental and facial system

What is F.A.C.E, and what does it stand for?
No longer is orthodontic treatment just treating the smile by straightening teeth.


Building on the principles established and practiced by renowned dental and orthodontic leaders (Drs. Ronald Roth, Bob Williams, Bill Arnett, and David Hatcher) the FACE (Functional and Cosmetic Excellence) program provides a comprehensive study in orthodontics and interdisciplinary dentistry. The FACE philosophy incorporates comprehensive diagnostics, efficient treatment mechanics, and the latest orthodontic advancements for treating the entire dental and facial system.

FACE orthodontists seek a marriage between the goals of orthodontics and comprehensive dentistry. These goals are similar for patients of all ages: beautifully aligned teeth that fit harmoniously with properly positioned jaw joints — promoting healthy tissue, efficient chewing, proper lip support, and ideal facial balance. By establishing and sharing these goals, your team — the orthodontist, dentist, and/or specialist — work closely together to provide outstanding results in beauty, health, and function.

Since excellent results require careful planning, FACE doctors believe in visualizing the final outcome before commencing treatment. Thorough and accurate diagnostic records, detailed study, and a comprehensive treatment plan can also yield shorter treatment times, better results, and improved stability. The FACE philosophy trains orthodontists how to implement this treatment process while maintaining a productive and profitable practice.

FACE diagnosis and treatment philosophy

The FACE approach has measurable evidenced-based goals for the occlusion, face, airway, and TMJ as well as understanding the biology of the periodontium and the elements for long-term stability of the results. The criteria for an optimal occlusion are to have even and simultaneous contacts of all possible teeth when condyles are positioned forward against the eminence as far superior as possible and centered mid-sagittally with a healthy disc interposed.

Dr. Jorge Ayala, a FACE educator, has quantified the range of optimal facial balance elements of various ethnicities, which are essential to strengthen our ability to apply the highest standards of care across various cultures.

From the clinical research from leaders of the FACE teaching group, comes a refreshing approach to lifelong learning that is not only didactic, but also clinically realistic. It can be readily applied to day-to-day practice.

Case examples

The pre-and-post treatment cases illustrate FACE principals for occlusion, facial esthetics, and facial balance.

The four case examples presented illustrate different treatment plans to achieve predictable occlusal goals, optimal facial balance, enhanced periodontal health, and maintenance of TMJ health while achieving dental stability with minimal long-term retention.

The FACE teaching team, together with Forestadent, has introduced the FACE prescription in a new self-ligation bracket. Alterations in canine inclination and angulation, molar rotation, and inclination are a few of the improvements over the original Roth prescription. Other improvements include an improved contoured base for added retention and a more durable clip.





Commitment to teaching and mentoring (F.A.C.E. Courses) — Partnership with teaching centers

During the comprehensive FACE program, participants develop a solid foundation of skill sets taught by practicing orthodontists in the following areas:

  • In-depth evaluation of joint function and occlusion
  • Analytical techniques to assess facial balance, correct tooth position, and esthetic smile design
  • Computer-assisted treatment planning and case presentation
  • Multidisciplinary case diagnosis and steps to follow for successful outcomes
  • Efficient treatment mechanics with the latest in accelerated and skeletal anchorage techniques
  • Guidelines for establishing your interdisciplinary team
  • Practice management and marketing techniques
  • Develop a never-ending quest for continued improvement in practice efficiency. Finishing “on time” with predictable results allows the orthodontist to provide optimal results that meet or exceed patients’ expectations.

For FACE Course information, visit www.fullfacecourse.com.

Visit our website for upcoming courses.

straty-righellis-ddsStraty Righellis, DDS, is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, graduated from UCLA Dental School, and received his orthodontic specialty certification from University of California at San Francisco. He maintains a private practice in Oakland, California, while serving as an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of the Pacific and University of California, at San Francisco, Schools of Dentistry. Dr. Righellis is on the Editorial Review Board for the American Journal of Orthodontics, and has lectured extensively to over 250 national and international groups on Excellence and Clinical Orthodontics. He is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, faculty member at the FACE USA postgraduate teaching program, and is past President of the Edward H. Angle Society, Northern California. Dr. Righellis is a chapter contributor on “Treatment Efficiency and Excellence” in the textbook Goal-Directed Orthodontics.

douglas-knight-dmdL. Douglas Knight, DMD, ABO, FAGD, is a graduate of the Roth/Williams 2-year program for Functional Occlusion and was on the faculty at the Center for Functional Occlusion from 1997 to 2000. He is the recipient of the Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontists Pacesetter Award. Most recently, he was honored by the Hardin County School System with a Distinguished Alumni Award. Dr. Knight is a graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry and the Army Dental Corps 1-year General Practice Residency. In addition, he is a Diplomate of The American Board of Orthodontics and a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Knight completed his orthodontic training at New York University in 1995. Dr. Knight has published several articles in the Academy of General Dentistry and the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics. Dr. Knight founded an interdisciplinary team training group with teams from around the country. Besides operating two offices, Dr. Knight lectures on a broad range of topics to study clubs and residency programs. He has been appointed as Director of the Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontists for the United States.

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