Biomechanics in Orthodontics, 4th Edition

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Drs. Giorgio Fiorelli and Birte Melsen

When I interviewed Drs. Melsen and Fiorelli 17 years ago upon the  publication of the 1st edition of Biomechanics in Orthodontics, I asked them what they intended as an encore to their epoch-making publication that used a CD-ROM with computer hypertexts and multimedia resources.

They promised to make periodic upgrades to the material, and have they ever with this 4th edition.  

Without doubt, Biomechanics in Orthodontics has been the quintessential reference for orthodontists regarding the mechanics of tooth movement for many years. But this new edition, which is completely cloud-based, brings a new dimension to orthodontic learning.  The information is no longer dependent upon any particular operating system or computer. Rather now, users can access it with any computer or tablet, which makes it universal in application.

The same subjects are covered as in previous editions, but there are more clinical examples with vastly improved photographic and image quality. Also, improvements in techniques, such as TADs, bracket-free fixed orthodontics, and lingual orthodontics, are now included.  Another new feature illustrated nicely in anchorage preservation is Triad® Gel posterior occlusal additions that lock in the reactive parts of the dentition during space closures. The accompanying videos are superbly done and do much to illustrate many of the concepts presented.  Extensive and up-to-date bibliographies add an important component and afford readers with a rich resource for references.

The authors have made every effort to afford this information to the orthodontic public, e.g., reduced prices for those who purchased the 3rd edition, 1-month rentals of the entire book, and 1-month free trials for a single chapter. Those wishing to purchase or request a free chapter can visit the website at  The authors also encourage readers to visit their Facebook page

Biomechanics in Orthodontics is the reference for their International Orthodontic Biomechanics Summer School, which lasts 5 weeks in Tuscany, Italy. 

No other single source for orthodontic biomechanics exceeds what Drs. Melsen and Fiorelli have collected and presented in this 4th edition of Biomechanics in Orthodontics, and in my opinion, any professional library will be incomplete without this publication. 

1,000 pages, 3,000 photos and illustrations

Review by Larry White, DDS, MSD

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