Cloud-based suresmile 7.0 from OraMetrix takes digital orthodontics to an entirely new level.

The smiles that dreams are made of suresmile 7.0 from OraMetrix is designed to help clinicians achieve that goal more predictably and efficiently than ever before. Not only has treating patients digitally gotten dramatically more sophisticated, it’s also more cost-effective.

Now cloud-based, new suresmile 7.0 eliminates the need for in-office servers while providing orthodontists powerful and coordinated tools for diagnosis, treatment planning, archwire design and reduced treatment times. suresmile doctors use advanced 3-D imaging, virtual simulations and robotically-bent archwires customized for each treatment plan — all while continuing to use their bracket system of choice.

Chuck Abraham, CEO, suresmile/OraMetrix, said, “suresmile 7.0 was designed by our team to advance the digital revolution within our specialty. Taking it to the cloud was essential and the result of comprehensive re-engineering, but the design goal for 7.0 was simple and focused: to build an even better way for our users to realize their treatment plans for each and every patient.”

“There is a technology convergence in orthodontics now. Advances in CAD/CAM technology, 3D scanning, advanced robotics, 3D printing, and the cloud have all helped us to take suresmile 7.0 to new levels of performance and efficiency,” Abraham continued. “We’ve developed the suresmile system to become a true treatment management platform, enabling our doctors to meet the esthetic demands of a growing adult patient population by offering lingual, lingual/labial, and even a hybrid treatment of braces and aligners with the same treatment efficiency and excellent results our doctors have always achieved.”  

The move to the cloud makes 7.0 easier to integrate into the practice. “The cloud acts as your ‘server in the sky,’ meaning that digital file storage is much more convenient, and the system is easily accessible, regardless of the user’s location,” commented Phillip Getto, Chief Technology Officer, suresmile/OraMetrix. “You don’t have to be in the office to access a case via internet connectivity — you can be at home or a Starbucks. All patient-identifying information is encrypted, including photos, X-rays, and patient names. All communication between your browser and the servers is also encrypted, as are the servers, which, by the way, are Amazon servers, amongst the most secure in the world.”

Since 1998, when OraMetrix developed the suresmile system, this revolutionary digital technology has empowered orthodontists with a powerful diagnostic, treatment, and monitoring tool to deliver the most precise, customized orthodontic care available. In fact, suresmile has been shown to reduce treatment time by an average 30%, based on a February 2011 comparison of more than 40,000 patients. Since 2004, suresmile has been used for over 125,000 patients by orthodontists in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the European Union, Canada, and Japan. suresmile 7.0 was developed to enhance the system’s efficiency while achieving new levels of precision planning. With the ability to view both bone and roots, it now makes case planning more predictable in achieving roots in the bone. The simplified user interface is more intuitive for the user, reducing the time required to set-up cases.

The single-most significant advance in technology that empowers suresmile from its inception is robotic wire production. Patient-specific wire sequences are calculated by computer and optimized by the orthodontist to achieve the desired treatment goal.  There is 100% control, tooth-by-tooth or by shape, at any point during treatment. suresmile currently produces over 18,000 wires per month, each one of them optimized to achieve a specific treatment goal for that patient, making it truly the only system for fixed appliances that can provide proactive management of treatment objectives and appliance design. A suresmile archwire can be refined at any time, and suresmile software provides tools for analysis of results and decision-making support throughout the course of treatment.

“There is a misperception in our profession that suresmile is just a finishing archwire,” commented Dr. Rohit Sachdeva, Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, suresmile/OraMetrix. “In fact, the strength of the software is the ability to treatment plan cases in advance, which allows the doctor to anticipate and avoid common clinical problems that arise during treatment. The ability to visualize patients’ roots and bone is a profound advance for us in putting roots in their proper position. Even with this advanced planning, we know that patient compliance and biology can impact our best-made plans. One of the true strengths of the suresmile system is that the doctor can modify the original plan at any time, order modified archwires, and still achieve an excellent result.”  

suresmile empowers the orthodontist to see tooth anatomy in ways never before possible, while providing the ability to visualize and simulate multiple diagnostic set-ups and design archwires accurate to .1 mm. Clinical decisions and their interdependencies are calculated across all teeth simultaneously, calculating archwire designs needed to accomplish your objectives, precisely and predictably.   Several independent university studies have confirmed reduced treatment times of up to 30% over conventional and improved quality treatment scores. 

Real-time treatment simulations make it possible for the treating clinician to know, precisely, where each case is going, and serve as a dynamic patient communication tool. Writing in a recent issue of Orthodontic Practice US, Dr. Randall Moles commented on this aspect of suresmile: “The digital systems facilitate information transfer so much more easily and effectively. Treatment proceeds quicker (there is no need to reposition brackets) and more easily for both them and us. Along the way, they can see our proposed targets and even be involved in their development. Finally, after appliance removal, we can create digitally-formed retainers, which are also aligners, to make any post-treatment adjustments.”1

In his article, “The Optimized Digital Practice,” Dr. Bruce Goldstein puts it like this: “suresmile is the only comprehensive system that blends the best diagnostics available with accurately prescribed therapeutics. suresmile technology provides the practitioner with the tools needed to treat patients with greater efficiency and accuracy.” (suresmile clinical report No. 1).”2

Dr. Jeff Johnson, concludes his article, “Treating an Asymmetric Class II Case with suresmile,” with this summary:

1. Have confidence that dramatically reduced treatment times are possible and not for isolated patients, but for all patients in general…We must be willing to step outside our orthodontic boxes while still trying to adhere to timeworn orthodontic principles.

2. The confidence that can be conveyed to patients is most often our greatest motivating factor. We basically discuss with them that we all have our jobs to do… and are able to backup these claims by telling them that 65-70% of all our patients complete their treatment in 15 months or less.

3. Our planning becomes very transparent and allows the patients to be an integral part of their treatment to the degree they desire…

4. We are able to create a target that, for all intents and purposes, has been optimized during the mid-treatment planning process. This allows us to monitor treatment more efficiently and not try to achieve what likely is not possible with the given conditions.” (suresmile clinical report No. 2).3

There is more to come. 

“2014 will be an exciting year for the suresmile team,” commented Bob Davis, suresmile/OraMetrix’s Director of Marketing. “We have entered into a joint marketing agreement with Specialty Appliances to offer labial indirect bonding service and lingual case design exclusively powered by suresmile software.  Indirect bonding setups are digitally designed using suresmile software, which enables greater accuracy of bracket placement and case design, as they will have access to our library of over 20,000 brackets and buccal tubes. Specialty Appliances will also offer lingual case planning and setups, including suresmile wires for lingual treatment.”    

With over 125,000 patients already benefitting from suresmile treatment globally, suresmile 7.0 is now delivering advanced functionality, more intuitive and easy-to-use features, and greater operational efficiency. To put it simply, suresmile 7.0 was designed and engineered to help orthodontists achieve their clinical goals more precisely than ever before.

This information was provided by OraMetrix.


1. Moles, R. Treating digitally and the new orthodontic practice. Orthodontic Practice US.2013;4(5):46-52.
2. Suresmile clinical reports are available upon request from suresmile. 888.672.6387.





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