DentalMonitoring is a patented remote solution to monitor, measure, and master patient information, improve patient experience, and increase profitability.

Driving growth and profitability in the modern orthodontic practice in three phases — Monitor, Measure, and Master.

DentalMonitoring is a patented remote solution empowering orthodontists to provide dynamic treatment and optimize costly in-person appointments. Using the unique ScanAssist system, patients take weekly scans of their teeth during treatment. Scans are completed at the patients’ convenience using their smartphones and the ScanBox pro. ScanAssist guides patients through remote scanning, equipping doctors with the most accurate intraoral notifications to use in scheduling and treatment planning. The ScanBox pro is a patented device making accurate intraoral scanning easy and convenient for patients. The DentalMonitoring software analyzes the scans for 130+ automated intraoral observations and automatically notifies orthodontic providers about treatment progress. The list of monitored intraoral conditions includes patient hygiene, bracket tracking, wire passivity, aligner fit, and tooth movement, all of which doctors use to finish treatment with excellent results.

In the Monitor phase, staff and patients are trained to use the system and will experience immediate positive results. Patients can appreciate the ease and convenience of the remote monitoring system while clinicians find relief in their busy schedules as they use the data and analytics to improve workflows. The practice is now fully prepared for every appointment, which reduces stress and improves profitability.

DentalMonitoring streamlines communication between the patient and the doctor. In-app messaging helps patients get answers to their questions quickly and easily, which improves compliance and encourages good habits.

DentalMonitoring is suitable for all orthodontic treatments, phases, and dental appliances. This means that every patient can benefit from our patented technology, and the remote solution fits into every practice. Furthermore, DentalMonitoring has engineered an open API making it possible to integrate the digital remote monitoring workflow into any patient management system, eliminating redundancies for the clinical and front office staff.

Once DentalMonitoring has been firmly established into a practice’s workflow, they have reached the Measure phase. Staff and doctors will use the data in DM Insights to explore what is happening during treatment at the practice level. DM Insights uses the information generated during remote monitoring to show practice trends across time. As practices engage with their data, it becomes possible to identify repeat issues and develop creative solutions. In the Master phase, DentalMonitoring becomes the center of an optimization flywheel. A practice uses DentalMonitoring and DM Insights to improve the patient experience and increase profitability. The practice will transition from standard appointment intervals to dynamic scheduling. Appointments are scheduled at the optimal time, never before and never after a patient needs in-office intervention, which is validated by clinical information in the remote scans. This means unnecessary appointments that don’t require clinical intervention are eliminated, and necessary appointments are scheduled at the right time. This frees up time in the schedule to grow the practice and train staff.


This information was provided by DentalMonitoring.

Check out more information on how “DentalMonitoring Reinvents The Scan Experience” with its AI-guided scan process here:

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