GUARDIAN® Invisible Retainer System

James Bonham explains the benefits of a long-term retention plan by Specialty Appliances

Looking for a better way to retain the beautiful smiles that you work so hard to create? The GUARDIAN® Invisible Retainer System is the most efficient way to protect your patients’ smiles for a lifetime. Specialty Appliances leverages advanced digital technology to produce precision fit clear retainers that incorporate many never-before-seen benefits. For example, GUARDIAN includes digital bracket removal. This enables retainer delivery at the patient’s debonding appointment, saving valuable time and money. Other benefits include integrated anterior refinement, coordinated fixed lingual retainers, and imbedded pontics. Improve your practice efficiency, increase profitability, and upgrade your long-term smile retention plan with GUARDIAN.

Guardian Invisible retainer

Let’s face it; orthodontic patients will lose or break their retainers. The best way to prevent orthodontic relapse is to provide backup retainers. The GUARDIAN retention system includes multiple clear retainers and a 3D printed model. Many practices use the printed model to create additional retainers in their office, without the need for new James Bonhamimpressions. As long as there has been no major dental change, you can produce a lifetime of retainers from the provided 3D printed model. You may also contact Specialty Appliances for new models or retainers. Driven by advanced technology, the GUARDIAN retention system offers many efficient features to save you time and money, eliminate appointments, reduce chair time, and help patients get out of braces sooner. Let’s review a few features and benefits.

Digital Bracket RemovalDigital bracket removal
(no additional charge)

One appointment prior to the debonding, take impressions or a digital scan while brackets are still in place. Specialty will digitize the models and virtually remove the brackets. The 3D models are then printed, and multiple GUARDIAN retainers are fabricated. Deliver the retainers immediately after removing braces, eliminating the standard retainer appointment.

Minor anterior refinement (only $20 per arch)

Guardian reset occlusal viewUpon request, Specialty will integrate minor anterior refinement into your GUARDIAN retainers. Using sophisticated digital software, Specialty will add up to .25 mm of correction before printing the 3D model. If more anterior movement is required, Clear Image® Aligners are a great option prior to GUARDIAN retainers.

Other enhancements

Specialty can also integrate tooth shade pontics and coordinated fixed lingual retainers (FLRs) into your retainers. FLRs are delivered with indirect bonding trays for efficiency and precision placement. The GUARDIAN invisible retainer then fits perfectly over the FLR.

PP-Specialty Appliance

Specialty Appliances is forever committed to providing innovative and affordable orthodontic solutions to meet your practice needs. Contact us today for more information on the GUARDIAN Retention System. Patient education brochures are available upon request. Please visit our website at for additional product information.

This information was provided by Specialty Appliances.

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