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141102 Schein FeatureHenry Schein Orthodontics is the NEW Orthodontic Specialty Division of Henry Schein. Henry Schein’s presence in the orthodontic market has expanded over the last several years, starting with the acquisition of Ortho Organizers® in 2008, ClassOne® in 2009, and Ortho Technology® in 2012. Placing Henry Schein’s orthodontic-focused operations under the Henry Schein umbrella will enhance the business prospects for the company and enable it to serve the orthodontic professional with innovative product offerings and practice solutions, which include forward-thinking educational offerings.

Changing the industry

Proving our dedication to the orthodontic profession to help improve practice efficiency and patient results, Henry Schein Orthodontics, a U.S. manufacturer for over 35 years, has spent a substantial amount of time refining manufacturing procedures to ensure that top, high-quality products reach the clinician’s office. In addition, we have invested significant resources into engineering and new product development on key products orthodontists have been asking the industry to develop. Furthermore, we have collaborated with well-respected, globally known doctors to provide input and guidance to our product development team, as well as on educational topics missing from the industry.

141102 Schein 01Proving Henry Schein Orthodontics strong commitment to partnering with orthodontists in the growth of their practice, we have come to market with the all-new Carriere® SLX™ Self-Ligating Bracket System. In just a few short months since its release, this passive system has established a new standard in performance within the industry. With 10 clinician-inspired enhancements, the SLX Appliance System has been completely redesigned while maintaining one of the lowest profiles on the market. The system offers an Optimized Damon® Rx and tooth-specific bracket sizes for more precise finishing with fewer rebonds and less wire bending.  

Multiple visual cues, including six horizontal and five vertical references, help ensure accurate bracket placement. Additionally, to help improve office efficiency and reduce gingival impingement, the doors of the brackets open toward the incisal edges/occlusal plane. Discover today the many innovative features that make the SLX Bracket System the only choice when using a self-ligating bracket. It is the new standard in performance and the new reality in value.

Complementing the SLX Appliance System is one of the most popular Class II correction appliances on the market today, the Carriere Motion™ Class II Appliance. This appliance offers simplicity, ease of use, and patient compliance, all of which add up to fast, more predictable results. With its sleek, aesthetic, and non-invasive design, the Motion Appliance shortens treatment time by up to 4 months. The Motion Appliance is used at the beginning of treatment, so whether you use traditional metal brackets or Invisalign® to treat your patients, it will be a game changer for your Class II corrections.

Until a few years ago, there had not been a significant change in traditional brackets for many years; we knew there needed to be a change. While conducting “voice of customer,” we found that clinicians were also looking for something new when it came to traditional bracketing. This brought about the development of the NeoMaestro™ family of brackets. This system includes the Maestro® Premium Mini-Twin® Bracket, NeoLucent® Plus™ Ceramic Bracket, and NeoCrystal™ Sapphire Ceramic Bracket. Each bracket line was developed with the vision to offer clinicians the ultimate twin bracket system where the brackets are fully interchangeable between aesthetic and metal versions for convenient and cost-efficient bracketing. The three bracket lines offer uniform design features as it relates to bracket sizes, compatible in/out, same base compound contour, bond strength, and more. This unique family of brackets provides clinicians with optimal benefits and conveniences, while delivering successful treatment outcomes.

The new movement in orthodontics

Our commitment to partnering with the orthodontist doesn’t stop at manufacturing. We are devoted to providing complete solutions, including groundbreaking educational courses that will make you stand out within your community. Almost 2 years ago, we introduced the overwhelmingly successful obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) courses to the orthodontic community. OSA is emerging as one of the most widespread and costly health issues in the United States. As you already know, orthodontic treatment offers more than just a beautiful smile and enhanced self-esteem; it also improves quality of life by providing overall health benefits. Our courses assist orthodontists in understanding how they can play a significant role in the diagnosis and treatment options of OSA by changing the airway. Henry Schein Orthodontics developed the curriculum for these courses through collaboration with key doctors in the industry, including Drs. Lou Chmura and Dave Paquette.

Across the nation, there has been huge success with clinicians who have implemented the program. And Henry Schein Orthodontics wants to build upon this success and offer new methods for the orthodontic professional to offer total health solutions in their practice. So in 2015 we will offer courses on CBCT scanning, as well as on Soft Tissue Orthodontics. Henry Schein Orthodontics will also hold the first-of-its-kind Total Health and Technology™ Symposium in July 2015. It will be a 2-day event, held at the famous Omni La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, California, with lectures from world-renowned clinicians.

141102 Schein 02Building a future together

Within the industry, Henry Schein is well liked for many core-company attributes, including that of offering exceptional value to their customers. Henry Schein Ortho-dontics is following in those footsteps and has recently launched a partnership program, the HSO Buying Club™. As a member, you will earn Award Points, which can be redeemed for FREE ancillary products! Additionally, you are eligible to receive deep discounts on all of your favorite products, as well as a majority of your peripheral products. Furthermore, you will be able to leverage both of your Henry Schein loyalty programs — in addition to earning Award Points in the HSO Buying Club, your dollars will also count toward Henry Schein Practice Privilege Bonus Award Points.

Our future is you! We work hard to earn our customers’ business. While we are growing and gaining market share, we are not resting on our laurels. The orthodontic community is a small community where relationships matter, and every customer is important. Our employees pride themselves in trying hard to develop successful relationships. Our teams, in the field and in the office, are dedicated to the success of the clinician’s business by helping you provide your patients with a great smile, plus total health solutions. From clinician to staff member, know that you can “Rely on Us.”

This information was provided by Henry Schein Orthodontics.

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