How Gaidge Consult Manager came to life

Gaidge Consult Manager makes new patient task management, digital forms, patient follow-up, treatment, and fee presentation less complex and more efficient.

A better way to manage your new patients from call to close

Mary Beth Kirkpatrick, founder of Gaidge and Gaidge 360 Consulting, has dedicated her career to understanding one fundamental principle — the less friction you introduce into a process, the greater the likelihood of achieving enhanced compliance and success. Guided by this insight, her journey began with a profound realization — the orthodontic industry was burdened by unnecessary complexities.

When consulting in practices, Mary Beth created and utilized a spreadsheet for Treatment Coordinators that allowed them to better track their new patient funnel. It included patient statuses, pending follow-up timing, new patient paperwork, insurance verification, new patient intro calls, visit outcomes, dentist information, same day starts, and more. But while this sheet helped increase patient conversions, manually inputting data and new patient info was cumbersome.

Fast forward to 2023, when Gaidge brought Mary Beth’s TC tracking spreadsheet to life as the Gaidge Consult Manager, a comprehensive tool with new patient task management, digital forms, patient follow-up, treatment, and fee presentation — all in one place.

By improving the new patient conversion process from start to finish, Gaidge Consult Manager empowers TCs and the entire admin team to be more efficient with the following essential features:

  • Patient queue: View each task and completion status in a single dashboard, including appointment confirmations, intake form tracking, insurance verification, and patient
  • Intake forms: Securely send HIPAA-compliant, new-patient intake forms via text or email. They can easily track patient activity, collect e-signatures, add branding, and choose from pre-built templates.
  • Payment presentation: Present financials with an interactive payment presentation slider, with visual payment plans patients can accept from anywhere.
  • Pending follow-up: Schedule reminders for pending patient follow-up, so patients never fall through the

Helping orthodontic practices thrive has always been at the core of Mary Beth’s mission. With Gaidge Consult Manager, you can see this goal come to life in your daily operations. It equips you with the tools to maintain organization, enhance efficiency, and seamlessly manage new patient and observation (obs) exams, setting a new standard for practice management and patient care.

Experience the impact of Gaidge Consult Manager firsthand. Contact us today ( to learn how it can drive more conversions and transform your business’ operations.


This information was provided by Gaidge.

Read more about the Gaidge Consult Manager and how it maximizes the patient conversion process here:

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