Focus Ortho — Software that adapts to you

Focus Ortho — Software that adapts to you

“Shouldn’t your software adapt to you instead of the other way around?”

That is what we thought when we started Focus Software back in 2010. We began developing Focus Ortho with the newest tools for a cloud-based platform. We set a goal to minimize clicks. Once a patient is open, all patient data had to be available from a single screen. We also made it easy to switch between patients and functionality. No more getting stuck in one screen when you need to take a patient call. But we wanted to do more. We added features that require third-party software from other companies. Our goal is to be the one solution for all your office needs.

We have a management team with decades of experience in the Orthodontic Industry. Charlie Dunham, our president and CEO, was the founder of an industry-leading orthodontic software division. The software he created while there has been used by over 5,000 orthodontic offices around the world. This experience building a business from the ground up gave him valuable insight on how to build a successful software company. This knowledge is essential since Focus Software now supports over 300 users throughout the United States and Canada.

When designing the software, we worked closely with a group that runs 15 orthodontic practices. They have over 100 users working on the program at the same time. They have been running Focus Ortho exclusively for the last 3 years. If you have a single office or multiple locations, we are sure we can handle your needs.

Customization — give them what they want!
People and the way an office runs are different. We understand that everyone is not a computer whiz; so, we gave Focus Ortho powerful functionality while making it simple to use and easy to customize. You can customize the system for different users with a few clicks and modify our standards to fit you instead of the other way around.

Payment processing — easy integration
All our payment processing is ridiculously easy, because getting paid should never be your problem. We also believe in options; so, we gave them to you. Our integrated payment processing stores all credit card and bank account data offsite, and we even help you with your PCI compliance. We automatically process payments either through our built-in interface or through integration with OrthoBanc. Focus Ortho goes as far as to email you when a payment is denied.

Communication — choose the option that works the best
We believe that communication with your patients is essential to your success. So, we built a web portal exclusively for them. They can fill out forms, confirm upcoming appointments, reprint excuses and receipts, and even process online payments. No more syncing of data, since it is all part of one system. We did not stop there; you can reach patients, responsible parties, and referring doctors via text and email. Reduce no-shows through automated patient reminders, or send custom letters; it is all at your fingertips. Best of all, it’s all tracked in each patient’s record, back in the cloud.

Imaging — available anytime and anywhere
We made our integrated imaging software intuitive and fast. Easily import images from digital cameras with a single click. Quickly crop photos for quality records. You shouldn’t have to worry about where your X-rays are coming from; so, we made Focus Ortho integrate with the major digital X-ray systems. Images are loaded to the cloud quickly and can be retrieved anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Scheduling — work with precision
We designed an intuitive schedule that uses drag and drop and expanded on this by making it simple to create custom templates and assign them to any day. You can also modify a specific day without affecting the standard template. Our office flow allows you to follow patients from the moment they reach the office; you can see if they are waiting, seated in a chair, or checked out from one intuitive screen. But, once again, we wanted more. So, we used the same screen to track doctor location and even show the order that patients should be seen. Easily enter treatment data by typing information or choosing from the pull downs. We even added the flexibility of entering next appointments from the back or the front desk.

Reporting — find your data
Your software system is only as good as the data you can get from it. So, we designed a reporting system that gives you un-paralleled access to your data. Of course, we can create traditional reports that are printed easily from the system. We have taken this to a new level with interactive lists. Reports can be displayed in list view, and we have screens that allow you to choose financial and patient data from pull-down menus. Lists are easily exported in multiple formats, including Microsoft Excel. Using interactive lists, you can sort and filter data and directly open the patient. Interactive lists will reduce printouts, save trees and your time.

What does the future hold?
We are constantly striving to make Focus Ortho the best practice management software available. With this in mind, we are constantly updating to include new features and functionality. Keep an eye out for our mobile app available later this year. Make sure to visit us at our next trade show to see what new and exciting developments we have.

You owe it to yourself to take a look at Focus Ortho. It’s so simple; a written description can’t possibly do it justice. Let us give you a demo. All you need is an Internet connection — because it’s all waiting for you, in the cloud.

 This information was provided by Focus Ortho.

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