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By TP Orthodontics, Inc.

It’s no secret that finishing aligner treatment cases is challenging at best and comes at a cost to both the patient and doctor. The new iFinisher™ is a single-appliance solution perfectly suited for improving aligner finishes, without the need for additional aligner trays.

Based on the proven technology of the Original Tooth Positioner, the iFinisher was developed by orthodontist Dr. Daniel S. German specifically for aligner treatment as a simple, yet cost-effective solution for final finish improvement and bite correction. With one iFinisher, you may transition your patients to part-time wear, refine without the need to order more trays, and do something aligner trays alone cannot — promote an ideal occlusion in as little as 3 weeks.
The iFinisher:

  • Corrects and relates teeth in both arches simultaneously
  • Corrects a posterior open bite
  • Closes slight spaces
  • Corrects minor rotations and buccolingual discrepancies
  • Replaces the need for additional aligner trays and allows for removal of bonded auxiliaries

Challenges in finishing aligner cases
Most aligner cases require additional refinement to finish. Typically, this means more aligner trays for the patient, and more time and expense for the doctor. The challenges in attempting to finish with aligner trays alone are significant, including the cost associated with more aligners, the time lost during reorder, and the subsequent loss of active biology when teeth are primed for movement. As well, there is a significant loss of enthusiasm — and compliance — from patients who must pay for more trays and continue wearing their appliance full-time, long after they expected to be finished. Moreover, even esthetically pleasing results are commonly accompanied by a posterior open bite, resulting in a level of dissatisfaction with the outcome. The iFinisher effectively treats the occlusion where aligner trays alone cannot.  

140905 TPOrtho 01A proven solution
Based on the same finishing principles developed by Dr. H. D. Kesling over 70 years ago, the iFinisher relates teeth in both arches — providing a better quality, more efficient finish than aligner trays alone.
Tooth positioners have long been recognized as a standard for achieving a great finish in orthodontic treatment. In fact, a recent study1 on finishing protocols indicated that using a tooth positioner will effectively close interproximal spaces and achieve “improvements in interocclusal contacts” (a recognized challenge with aligner treatment).

Patients are excited to finish with the iFinisher. They appreciate a one-appliance approach to finishing, and that they only need to wear it part-time. Also, compliant patients see results in less time than if finishing with aligner trays. Because the iFinisher is small in size and made from a soft crystal-Flex® material with molded airways, the appliance is comfortable to wear. The iFinisher is also available in a variety of colors and custom designs to increase patient acceptance. As an added benefit, the iFinisher may also be used if relapse occurs.

Easy to implement
The era of digital manufacturing provides a simple and efficient process for incorporating the iFinisher into treatment plans. The iFinisher can be produced from the final virtual setup or from a new intraoral scan. The prescription is easy and quick to complete: simply create an account through easyrx®, an online prescription management program accessible at TPOrtho.com/labs. There, you can submit the iFinisher prescription, including additional customization options. Upload the STL file from the intraoral scan — there’s no need to ship impressions, unless the clinician prefers. Either way, doctors have access to review, verify, and give final approval of the files before appliance fabrication.
Prescribing an iFinisher can provide impressive results and a level of efficiency not thought possible with aligner treatment. If you’re ready to improve your aligner case finishes while increasing patient satisfaction, the iFinisher just might be a great solution for your practice.

To learn more about the iFinisher and other custom finishing solutions offered by TP Orthodontics, visit TPOrtho.com/labs or call 1-800-348-8856.

  1. Stock GJ, McNamara JA Jr, Baccetti T. Efficacy of 2 finishing protocols in the quality of orthodontic treatment outcome. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. 2011;140(5):688-695.

The iFinisher trademark application is assigned to Daniel S. German, DDS, and is used with permission. Patents pending.
This information was provided by TP Orthodontics, Inc.

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