Motion View Software, LLC announces its SLA-based iPrint 3D® printers

The iPrint 3D® Printer from Motion View Software Enables Accurate, Economical, and Quick 3D Printing of Transfer Trays and Other Orthodontic Appliances in Your Own Office

Motion View Software, LLC announces its SLA-based iPrint 3D® printers for use by orthodontists in their own offices and on their own schedules. Motion View’s in-office iPrint 3D® printer eliminates delays and reduces costs compared to contracting out to a lab for 3D printing services. Instead, appliances for indirect bonding and other purposes are made onsite and quickly available to use. Results are extremely accurate, high resolution, and fast.

The iPrint 3D® software accepts .STL files for printing models at user-selectable layer thicknesses of 25, 50, or 100 microns. The iPrint 3D® printer is SLA-based, using a laser to cure the printing material in a build area of 7 x 7 x 8 inches. The iPrint 3D® printer can print approximately 15mm per hour vertically (in Z-axis) or more in some circumstances.

SLA technology and no print heads to replace mean much less wasted print material. Use only the resin that is needed for each job and the rest can be stored for later. Low-maintenance equipment and cost-effective pricing provide more for the money with iPrint 3D® printers compared to competitors’ brands.

When orthodontists use the iPrint 3D® printer for printing .STL files exported from Ortho Insight 3D™ software, the orthodontists have tools for a complete solution in their own offices. Orthodontists can create treatment plans that use transfer trays for indirect bonding, aligners for tooth movement, and other appliances including surgical drill guides and surgical splints.

Treatment planning with the Indirect Bonding module for Ortho Insight 3D™ avoids the tedious manual positioning of brackets on plaster models. Instead, orthodontists can simply use Ortho Insight 3D™ to precisely calculate the required bracket position for the intended tooth position, create the setup with virtual brackets on the 3D model, export the transfer tray files, and then print the transfer trays and other appliances with the iPrint 3D® printer.

About Motion View Software, LLC

The staff of Motion View Software, LLC has been designing orthodontic software since 1981, building innovation into every product. The company’s flagship product, Ortho Insight 3D™, is orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning software used in conjunction with its high resolution scanners for making digital records from physical models/impressions and from facial scanning. The Ortho Insight 3D™ software enables orthodontists to make custom analyses, integrate digital models, x-rays, photos, and facial scans, and use the results for making "wow" case presentations with patients. Then iPrint 3D® printers enable users to save time and money for making orthodontic appliances for implementing treatment plans without needing to use offsite lab services. Motion View's team combines high quality products with user-friendly prices. Indirect bonding and a variety of other options and products are available by calling 423-475-6914, or visiting, or writing to One-on-one live product demos can be arranged to show how Ortho Insight 3D™ takes orthodontic practices to the next level of technological excellence.

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