Patients Report AcceleDent® Improves Orthodontic Experience by Accelerating Treatment and Eliminating Pain

HOUSTON (Oct. 28, 2015) – Orthodontic patients from across the country are reporting that AcceleDent accelerates orthodontic treatment while reducing the pain and discomfort often associated with orthodontics. One of the most transformative orthodontic innovations in more than 15 years, AcceleDent is an FDA-cleared, Class II medical device that speeds orthodontic tooth movement by as much as 50 percent.

The prescription-only, hands-free device is manufactured by OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc. and is offered by many of the industry’s leading orthodontists as the fast, safe and gentle solution to accelerate orthodontic treatment. Clinical case studies and patient feedback show that AcceleDent is ideal for orthodontic patients of all ages and varying orthodontic diagnoses.

Like many adult orthodontic patients, Tiffany Tapler, who is 29 years old, was unenthused about getting braces when an X-ray revealed that she had an impacted adult canine tooth. As a treatment coordinator at Spark Orthodontics in Bethlehem, Pa., Tapler wanted to try to bring the impacted tooth into the arch without braces and spent years trying various orthodontic techniques to spur movement, including TADs, alveolar microperforation and laser therapy. In 2014 after noticing very little movement, Tapler agreed with her orthodontists’ recommendation to get braces and to have her primary canine tooth extracted. Having successful results with AcceleDent for more than two years, Tapler's orthodontist prescribed AcceleDent to try to move the canine faster.

“Within four months of using AcceleDent the spacing from the extracted primary tooth was completely closed by moving the impacted canine into its place,” said Tapler whose orthodontist, Dr. Jason Hartman, originally projected that the space closure would take about one year. “AcceleDent is amazing because it moved my canine down into the correct position and fixed the spacing so quickly as compared to other methods that we tried. It was like night and day.”

With the canine erupted, Tapler anticipates completing her orthodontic treatment within the next 8-10 months. “AcceleDent has been wonderful. It gave me the result that I wanted and that I didn’t think was achievable,” she said.

Word-of-mouth awareness about AcceleDent is spreading rapidly as patients share their positive treatment experience with family, friends and others via social media. Because of the growing awareness, patients are now asking their orthodontists about accelerated treatment with AcceleDent.

Such was the case with Chase Bethay, a 17-year-old orthodontic patient from Phoenix, Ariz. After originally being told by his family orthodontist that he had such severe tooth crowding that his orthodontic treatment would take several years and include four extractions followed by jaw surgery, he heard about AcceleDent at his regular dental checkup.

Bethay then visited the treatment team at Olson Orthodontics, and even though his case was severe, he was informed that with AcceleDent, his treatment could be accelerated and his smile properly aligned in just 18 months.

“AcceleDent is a great technology and I’m excited about the fact that it is allowing me to complete treatment before graduation, prom and all of the other fun activities associated with senior year of high school,” said Bethay, whose orthodontist is Dr. Chris Olson. “The best part is that I’ll be going off to college with a new smile.”

Accelerated orthodontic treatment is equally as important to parents as it is to teens. Parents want to ensure that treatment is complete before their teens begin college to avoid logistical and compliance issues. The popularity of AcceleDent among teens is growing because they want treatment to be as fast and painless as possible so that it doesn’t interfere with sports, extracurricular activities or their social appeal.

One of New Jersey’s and America’s top-ranked high school track and field athletes, Rey Rivera is just six months into his orthodontic treatment with AcceleDent and is projected to finish in less than two years. With his growing acclaim as a local and national track star, Rivera’s orthodontist, Dr. Brian Leung, and the treatment team at Old Bridge Orthodontics knew Rey would be ideal for accelerated treatment because everything he does is done fast.

“I didn’t believe my orthodontist at first when he told me how fast I could complete treatment with AcceleDent because I have friends who have had braces for three or four years,” said Rivera. “I’m happy that I’ll be finished soon, especially as I continue to compete in track. I want my smile to be nice in photos and I don’t want my teeth or my braces to be the only thing that stands out about me.”

Rivera says that in addition to getting his treatment complete in half the time, he recommends AcceleDent because it relieves the pain associated with orthodontic treatment.

“I can definitely tell that my teeth are moving faster with AcceleDent, but I can also tell that the pain is significantly reduced,” said Rivera, recalling a day when he forgot to charge his AcceleDent device and his mouth hurt so badly that he couldn’t eat. “AcceleDent does so much and it’s so portable. I recommend AcceleDent to everyone because no one wants to stay in their braces for longer than they have to.”

According to OrthoAccel, the company regularly receives high patient satisfaction scores for AcceleDent, which is currently available in more than 2,800 orthodontic locations in the U.S. and Canada.

“There are tens of thousands of AcceleDent patients across the globe and 100 percent of patients surveyed report they were satisfied with their experience using AcceleDent and that it was easy to use,” says Michael K. Lowe, president and CEO of OrthoAccel. “It’s rewarding and exciting to hear from patients about how AcceleDent accelerated their journey to healthy, beautiful smiles.”

Lowe adds that many of the nation’s leading orthodontists are offering AcceleDent because it decreases the risk of health challenges caused by prolonged orthodontic treatment. According to the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, AcceleDent is the most common accelerated treatment technique used by orthodontists.

To learn more about AcceleDent, locate a provider near you or share your AcceleDent patient experience, visit

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