Off the roller coaster — a positive outlook, fresh goals, and renewed focus on success

Publisher Lisa Moler writes about her positive outlook for dentistry, as offices look to the future with fresh goals and a renewed focus.

Lisa Moler
MedMark Media

In looking back, most of us felt that last year was a roller coaster ride. We got shoved into that buggy, fastened our seat belts, and hung on. Dentists hurtled around all of the new rules and regulations that were unveiled each day. You skidded around corners that held unknown aerosol dangers, careened past roadblocks to business operations, and avoided the twists and turns of offering emergency care to patients when the definition of emergency care was still evolving. It was a white-knuckle ride, for sure. But through the highs and lows and learning curves, we emerged definitely wiser and more resilient.

Here at MedMark, even at the height of the pandemic, we brought you the most up-to-date information on how to protect your patients and staff and prepare for reopening. We anticipated and tracked the new trends and technologies that patients would be expecting. We checked on our readers and authors through emails, texts, and Zooms. We saw you calmly focus on keeping in touch with patients through tele-dentistry, informative texts, and website updates. You prepared protective equipment to be able to provide emergency care, consulting, and treatment plans for when the crisis was over.

Now we are joyfully hearing about your safe returns to business. And our articles reflect our goal of helping you flourish in the future. Our cover story by Dr. Barry D. Raphael and colleagues delves into airway issues, and how structure, function, and behavior affect airflow. Our two CEs are related to the evolving subspecialty of sleep dentistry. Drs. Barry Glassman and Don Malizia offer a close-up view of sleep-breathing disorders, from signs and symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing to the role of dentists in the treatment process. Speech pathologist Sharon Moore discusses the orofacial-pharyngeal function in the management of sleep-disordered breathing and how myofunctional therapy can provide solutions for sleep-related breathing disorders. Dr. Duane Grummons’ article describes Class III nasomaxillary respiratory corrective orthopedics with the Grummons Facemask.

With this fall issue, the new view from the top is exciting. We are thrilled to be able to say that we made it. We’re no longer anticipating what is coming around each bend. And we are ready to take a new plunge — into the future. I’m proud and amazed at the perseverance and courage that we all saw in the dental profession. With a positive outlook, fresh goals, and renewed focus on success — the MedMark team is bracing for new adventures!


To your best success,

Lisa Moler
MedMark Media

Lisa has always cultivated a positive outlook for dentistry through her MedMark Media publications. Read about her entrepreneurial journey here: https:/

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