Resolution or resolve? Time to take positive action in 2020!

Editor’s intro: Resolutions can become realities with a strong resolve! Read Publisher Lisa Moler’s thoughts on positive action in 2020!

Lisa Moler
Founder/Publisher, MedMark Media

The New Year is a time for resolutions — which has led me to think of the true meaning of that word. Resolution is defined as “a firm decision not to do something.” That doesn’t sound so positive to me. I am more invested in the word resolve, defined as to “decide firmly on a course of action.” That’s more like it! As leader of the MedMark team, our vision and our goals for 2020 are positive — we don’t want to “not do something”; we are going to take action on many exciting innovative, creative projects for our readers and advertisers. This year, on our media side, we continue to inform and educate through DocTalk videos and podcasts. For clinicians involved with dental sleep medicine, our new ZZZ Pack Podcast will bring news and views from some of the most knowledgeable sleep-focused dentists in the niche. Also, Dr. Rich Mounce will feature many of our most popular authors on his Dental Clinical Companion Podcast. In the past few years, I have been fortunate to help motivate our audience by interviewing some phenomenally inspiring people — Shaquille O’Neal, Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, and Dr. Oz, and I will continue to connect you with those who can encourage you to expand your horizons.

Our print and digital articles continue to keep you on the cutting edge of clinical and practice management ideas and information. In this compliance-focused issue, our two CEs deal with how this important topic impacts the dental practice. John Fisher, a practicing health care regulatory lawyer, identifies the importance of creating and operating effective internal compliance programs in dental and orthodontic practices, and identifies the basic elements for an effective compliance program. Dr. Bruce Seidberg, a Board-certified endodontist and consultant for dental malpractice cases, authored part 1 of a comprehensive discussion of risk management. Dr. Laurance Jerrold explains legal requirements that relate to extending credit to your patients. On the clinical side, Dr. Michael Bicknell shows his effective protocols for treatment of Class II malocclusion with moderate dental crowding, and Dr. Antonino Secchi illustrates his treatment for a patient who suffered from self-esteem issues due to severe crowding with a transverse skeletal discrepancy. Also, Dr. Donald J. Rinchuse shows how evidence-based literature helped guide his treatment plan for a patient who needed alveolar bone augmentation during orthodontic treatment.

2020 has just started, and the opportunities to expand your practice potential are endless!  Along with our constant resolve to inform you through the written word of the most current technologies, products, services, and techniques, keep watching for us online and in person at major dental meetings and events across the United States. Please continue to contact us with your article ideas or if you want to take part in one of our online chats or podcasts. This year, “resolve” along with us to “embrace the exceptional.” Start the decade as we have — deciding firmly on a course of positive action based on solid science, facts, and innovation.


To your best success in 2020!
Lisa Moler
MedMark Media

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