Smile Stream Solutions

For efficiency in savings, clinical supplies and comprehensive aligner choices, Smile Stream Solutions wants to be a strategic supplying partner more than just a vendor. 

For the past 2 years, Smile Stream Solutions has remained true to both our strategic growth plan and our mission — to enhance the vitality of the orthodontic community through efficiency and savings in clinical supplies. In so doing, we have not only expanded our core product line of price-driven products, but also have developed a comprehensive aligner solution under the brand name of Stream Ligners. In addition, we have launched an entirely new business platform that addresses the premier market segment of traditional braces under the brand name of Genesis Orthodontics. These product and service developments, combined with our earlier acquisition of OrthoEssentials — a full-service provider of quality orthodontic supplies in its own right — now makes Smile Stream Solutions and its family of Stream Ligners, Genesis Orthodontics, and OrthoEssentials brands one of the most well-balanced, well-positioned orthodontic suppliers in the industry. Few other company’s offerings range from traditional braces to aligners within every price point and product category. What this means to single private practices, group practices, and DSOs alike is that you can now increase your efficiencies and decrease your cost basis by single-sourcing most all of your products and essential services from one company.

Even better, Smile Stream Solutions also makes private labeling your brand possible. Between Stream Ligners’ private-label packages for your aligner treatment services and our Smile Print capabilities, we can apply your brand and logo to the packaging that your patients receive within your practice. We see this as a critical way to empower you and your brand within the community versus those of your service providers. Beyond all of that, however, is our newly released, patent-protected, innovative breakthrough tooth preparation formula Step-1 PumEtch. Step-1 PumEtch combines pumice and etchant into one single material and eliminates the need for slow-speed handpieces, pumice, prophy cups, and other redundant products and equipment while eliminating a step in your tooth preparation process for either bonding or sealant procedures.

These are challenging times for all of us, which is why you need a strategic supplying partner more than just a vendor. You need a company that can provide you with the quality you expect at a price you can accept. You need a comprehensive solution — Smile Stream Solutions. To learn more about how we can price quote, create a formulary, or bundle promotions together for you, visit us at, or contact us directly at 1-720-689-1536.


This information was provided by Smile Stream Solutions.

Read more about Smile Stream Solutions’ strategic sourcing for comprehensive aligner choices here:

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