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OSA (Obstructive Sleep Airway) University is an online education program that administers extensive dental sleep medicine training and dedicated implementation support. OSA University members have exclusive access to eight online courses, platinum diagnostic referral support, Medicare Durable Medical Equipment credentialing, a virtual study club led by clinical director, Dr. John Tucker, and ongoing CE offerings (up to 36 per year).

OSA University has trained thousands, and the OSA University team has supported dental and orthodontic offices with the integration of dental sleep medicine. Founder, Elias Kalantzis, commented, “The growth has surpassed our organizational goals, and we are extremely grateful for this and the phenomenal level of commitment from practices, especially orthodontic offices.”

Orthodontic practices have been especially successful with the education and the implementation process. This is particularly due to the nature of orthodontic practices being 95% team driven. Additionally, team members in orthodontic practices are already comfortable with a total health approach, making the inclusion of obstructive sleep apnea treatment an easy transition into the practice’s philosophy and treatment offering.

For years prior to OSA University’s opening, the founder worked passionately to stress the importance of treatment for airway and sleep-breathing sufferers. Sadly, his dedication came with a price, as his connection to airway and sleep health emerged after a personal family tragedy in January of 2010. Since then, Mr. Kalantzis continues to push forth the message of airway and sleep health prioritization in both public and professional circles.


OSA University executive team: Jay Kelsall, Operations Manager; Anna Gordon, VP of Marketing and Strategic Planning; Rob Suter, VP of Sales; and Elias Kalantzis, Founder
OSA University executive team: Jay Kelsall, Operations Manager; Anna Gordon, VP of Marketing and Strategic Planning; Rob Suter, VP of Sales; and Elias Kalantzis, Founder

OSA University evolved from a vision of seeing a much larger scale of obstructive sleep apnea treatment availability for patients and a greater public awareness of this alarming health threat. Within a short time, a need of education and training on sleep-breathing fundamentals and practice protocols was identified as a channel toward both a greater outreach of public awareness and patient treatment availability. The OSA University concept originated from a profound desire to educate others on the critical nature and importance of sleep and airway health.

The OSA University brand was built on the foundation of integrity and resourcefulness. Exceptional educational experience was set as the goal — fueled by inspiration for team members to expand the awareness of airway and sleep health to patients and their communities. OSA University embraced an organizational philosophy to become a non-biased information provider of the latest and most current industry data.

To best deliver Dental Sleep Medicine education to orthodontists, dentists, and their team members, OSA University organized and developed an online academic platform that is available to each student on an on-demand basis. Students are able to take courses on any computer, any time, and at a pace that suits each student. Eight courses were developed from specific areas of concern and education needed for orthodontists and team members to succeed. The information is delivered on a learning gradient, whereas each course is taught from the foundation of the previous one.

Each course contains the following elements: a course handout that can be downloaded and printed; an instructional video with pop quizzes and chapter points; and a final exam each student must pass with a 70% grade or higher to continue onto the next class. Implementation and orientation meetings are scheduled in advance of starting courses to assure success. Upon completion, each student receives a CE verification form.

Foundation for Airway Health Launch NYC 2015
Foundation for Airway Health Launch NYC 2015

CorpPRofile_OSA_trainingAccording to OSA University VP Sales, Rob Suter, “Our education is more than the online classes. We deem success based on our practices treating more patients — and we take success very seriously. We personally do everything within our ability to assist with the implementation needs of each practice, including the introduction to a diagnostic channel.” Mr. Suter has been working in the industry for more than 15 years and has been involved with several industry studies and OSA white papers.

In addition to the curriculum and diagnostic referral assistance, each practice receives an office launch kit, which includes marketing pieces to initiate patient conversations and treatment launch awareness. The marketing materials include:

  • StopBang Questionnaire
  • Framed OSA University Office Diploma
  • Do you Snore Brochures
  • Oral Appliances Brochures
  • Sleep Apnea Quick Reference Sheet
  • Sleep Apna Office DVD
  • Team Buttons

The purpose of these items is to provide inspiration to the team and to assist in connecting with patients on airway health and Oral Appliance Therapy.

The OSA University brand was built on the foundation of integrity and resourcefulness.

The launch of OSA University has been warmly welcomed and endorsed among industry leaders. In 2014, OSA University partnered with Henry Schein® for their Sleep Complete™ Program and became their educational arm for dental sleep medicine training. Since OSA University joined the Sleep Complete Program, the number of seminar offerings has doubled. According to Henry Schein, the program has never been more successful.

In 2015, OSA University became a benefactor to The Foundation for Airway Health, taking on the Foundation as a philanthropic partnership. The foundation was launched in March of 2015 as a public awareness organization, working to shed light on the critical issues of suboptimal airway and sleep-breathing health. Currently, 100% of OSA University webinar proceeds go to the Foundation of Airway Health.

Recently, in 2016, OSA University partnered with Planmeca, a global leader in dental 3D imaging and CAD/CAM technology, including the first ultra-low dose CBCT. Planmeca has provided high-quality 3D scans for orthodontic offices for years and united with OSA University to develop a sleep-training program for their clients’ practices. Orthodontists find using Planmeca technology easy and safe to plan maxillary expansion cases to expand airway volume from pediatrics to adults.

Also in 2016, new webinar series became a valuable offering from OSA University. Specifically, three different types of OSA University webinar schedules were organized in efforts to continue to support and increase the awareness of sleep and airway health. The first series is available to the general public, with a recommended donation to the Foundation of Airway Health. This series includes presentations from industry leaders. The second webinar series is available through the OSA University Virtual Study, led by the clinical director, Dr. John Tucker. These webinars for OSA University members only include current industry topics and report summaries. The third series is offered for Sleep Complete seminar attendees, 10 days after the completion of the seminar. This is to allow for course attendees to ask questions, talk with the clinical director, and review material that was taught during the seminar. CE offerings are available for each webinar, and OSA University members can obtain up to 36 additional CE credits per year for attendance.

As OSA University continues to educate members and train orthodontic practices, a greater number of patients are being treated and helped. If you’d like more information on the university, visit www.osauniversity.org, or call (844) OSA-UNIV.

This information was provided by OSA University.

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