The case for limited treatment

Dr. Leon Klempner explains how limited treatment plans, with the right aligner support company like uLab, can bring affordability and convenience to patients, and more patients to your practice.

Dr. Leon Klempner discusses growing your practice with high value-per-visit treatment

lim·it·ed treat·ment \ ‘limədəd ‘trētmənt \ n

1: Orthodontic treatment with a limited objective or scale of treatment. The objective may be limited by: not involving the entire dentition, not addressing the full scope of the orthodontic problem, mitigating an aspect of a greater malocclusion, decision to forgo comprehensive treatment.

The orthodontic market is expected to grow — is your practice?

The global orthodontic market is projected to triple by 2028, according to Fortune Business Insights, due in part to a growing adult, limited treatment market. Are you ready to capture this segment of patients interested in non-comprehensive treatment?


Is limited treatment profitable?

Absolutely. And innovative practices are offering it.

If you look at case profitability through the lens of Value Per Visit or VPV (case fee/number of visits), you will understand how beneficial these cases are. Properly priced and planned, limited treatment cases can have higher VPVs compared to comprehensive treatments. A possible pricing structure could be as follows.

How do I make it happen?

Your aligner lab fees must support this pricing structure.

It is clearly not feasible to offer $2,500 treatment if lab fees are $1,400. Partner with an aligner company like uLab Systems™ that offers reasonable all-inclusive mild bundles or subscription-free, a la carte aligners, and full custom packaging. With uAssist™, you can even submit your case to a team of orthodontic professionals for treatment-planning assistance.

Without marketing, prospective patients will assume you do not offer affordable limited treatment.

Launch a two-pronged marketing campaign. Communicate your limited treatment offering to the potential patients already in your practice — the parents who have entrusted their children to your care. You should also market to the adult population in the local community. Emphasize affordability, convenience, and your expertise as an orthodontist.


This information was provided by uLab.

To offer limited treatment plans, you need to partner with companies who make it cost-effective and easy. Read about how uLab has integrated with EasyRx, combining excellent aligner systems with simplified workflow.

Leon Klempner, DDS, a retired, board-certified orthodontist and Harvard faculty member, is the co-founder of People + Practice, a digital marketing firm and co-host of the Golden Age of Orthodontics podcast.

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