Transforming oral health

SpotPal custom-fit oral appliance is a transformative tool for tongue training.

SPOT PAL™ introduces a game-changing approach to tongue training

SPOT PAL™ is a revolutionary custom-fit oral appliance designed to address and improve oral habits. Developed by Janine Stiene, a highly regarded speech language pathologist, myofunctional therapist, owner of Long Island Speech, and founder of SPOT PAL, this innovative device is set to reshape the landscape of dentistry, orthodontics, and myofunctional therapy.

SPOT PAL focuses on teaching the proper resting posture of the tongue, thereby eliminating tongue thrusting and sucking habits. By encouraging the tongue to rest against the palate instead of the teeth, this unique appliance not only supports optimal oral health but also plays a vital role in an individual’s overall well-being.

Janine Stiene, the visionary creator behind SPOT PAL, emphasizes the importance of proper tongue-resting posture: “SPOT PAL is the first-ever tongue-training appliance designed to train the tongue to rest up in the palate and not against the teeth. Correct tongue-resting posture is crucial for nasal breathing, proper development of orofacial musculature and structures, articulation, and maximizing airway space.

Additionally, SPOT PAL acts as a habit-breaking appliance, helping eliminate noxious habits while promoting proper orofacial muscle function. As a speech-language pathologist and myofunctional therapist, Spot Pal has proven to be an invaluable tool in our patients’ treatment and is seen as a revolutionary addition to dentistry.”

Recognizing the profound impact of SPOT PAL, Dr. Lauren Argentina, DDS, PC, an independent dental professional, shares her perspective: “Dentistry encompasses a complex system that goes far beyond teeth. SPOT PAL addresses some of the most challenging issues in dentistry, such as breaking non-nutritive sucking habits, correcting tongue thrusts, and teaching proper tongue posture on the palate. By facilitating natural arch expansion, promoting nasal breathing, and enhancing the overall quality of life, SPOT PAL contributes to the comprehensive well-being of our patients, especially children.”

SPOT PAL differentiates itself by taking a holistic approach to oral health. It serves as a transformative tool that goes beyond traditional oral appliances.

Committed to revolutionizing oral health, SPOT PAL aims to empower individuals by optimizing their oral function and overall well-being. The role that the tongue plays in an individual’s overall health is often underestimated. SPOT PAL encourages coordination and strengthening of the tongue which leads to a tongue-up posture, which promotes a stronger airway, enhanced swallowing, and improved sleep.

SPOT PAL is for all ages and is customized to each individual and their needs. The device is not recommended for individuals with braces. A 3D scan or dental impression is required to ensure a proper fit. The specific design of the wearer’s SPOT PAL will be determined by factors such as age, oral habits, and oral symptoms. You can wear the device, day or night, but it is not recommended while eating. All SPOT PALs are 3D printed and come with several tongue exercise videos to help jumpstart your wellness journey. However, SPOT PAL is best used when in conjunction with a myofunctional therapy program. SPOT PAL can be purchased at


This information was provided by SPOT PAL.

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