Free Webinar: Adapting to the LightForce System

Presented by: Dr. Alexander Waldman and Dr. Alfred Griffin III


Presented by: Dr. Alexander Waldman DMD and Dr. Alfred Griffin III
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About This Webinar

  • LightForce Orthodontics is transforming the way 80% of orthodontics is done today, by modernizing fixed appliances through digitization with 3D printing. Dr. Alex Waldman, from Beverly Hills, Ca, is an avid fan and user of the LightForce system. He became an early adopter of LightForce’s first solution to market, the world’s first fully customized 3D printed bracket system. Dr. Waldman will share his experiences with the system and how it’s transforming his practice. During the webinar you’ll learn how to integrate LightForce into your practice, how to educate patients, and every day best practices to using the system.   What you will learn:
    ● Understanding how to use a digital workflow for bracket treatment.
    ● Why LightForce uses 3D printing.
    ● Learning about another option for bracket treatment.

Dr Alexander Waldman

Alfred Griffin III


Dr Alexander Waldman is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and a triple Ivy League trained orthodontist. He received his undergraduate and dental degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Waldman completed his fellowship in orthodontics at Harvard University.

Dr. Waldman’s private practice in Beverly Hills is recognized as one of the leading orthodontic practices in the United States. Dr. Waldman treats a wide range of children and adults and is an expert in all types of braces and Invisalign.

Dr. Waldman blends the latest research and technology with traditional, evidence-based orthodontic techniques, to provide patients with cutting-edge, orthodontic treatment. He has fully embraced digital technology to bring his patients more comfortable and accurate treatment options.

Alfred Griffin III is a second-generation orthodontist from Virginia and is the founder and CEO of LightForce Orthodontics. He has a Masters of Medical Sciences from Harvard Medical School, his certificate from the Harvard School of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, and his DMD, PhD from the Medical University of South Carolina. His bracket research has been published in multiple orthodontic journals including our very own, Orthodontic Practice US magazine. He holds the patent for customized orthodontic brackets using ceramic 3D printing methods.

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