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A beautiful smile throughout treatment

Your patients look to you to enable their most beautiful smile, even while they’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. While esthetics might begin with ceramic brackets with clear or colored ligatures — it doesn’t end there. Class II correction is an everyday part of your practice, and it’s a process that can be esthetic too. 3M has put years of science to work to develop a system of proven products that allows your patients to be comfortable, happy, and confident while you’re correcting their Class II malocclusion.

A brilliant system
Patient-pleasing esthetics begins with the leading ceramic system. Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets provide exceptional esthetics and strength in a small size, with smooth surface uppers and lowers that resist staining and discoloration throughout treatment. These ceramic brackets are proven — offering predictable debonding and enhanced patient comfort. Clarity ADVANCED brackets are the first step to truly esthetic Class II correction.

Adding efficiency and timesavings, APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive provides an improved patient bonding experience. The system eliminates the flash removal step completely, reducing bonding time, and there is no compromise in bond strength. Early users have reported less than a 2% bond failure rate. The adhesive on the tooth after bonding has been shown to protect enamel under the adhesive, further contributing to a beautiful smile after treatment.

Designed with extensive user input, Victory Series™ Superior Fit Buccal Tubes eliminate the need to band molars. They feature a complex-contour curvature base for superior fit, are easy to place and handle, and offer a sleek, low-profile, and tapered body for patient comfort. Availability with APC Flash-Free Adhesive coating means increased efficiency at placement and superior strength.

Treatment for Class II malocclusion has traditionally been limited to products that are easy to install, but require patient compliance, or products that are fixed but difficult to work with. Many appliances are worn outside the mouth. With Forsus™ Class II correctors, treatment becomes both hidden and fixed — but without the hassle. Forsus Class II correctors can be added at any time, without molar bands. Cheek bulges are eliminated, and the device remains in place 24/7 without the need for patient compliance. Today, Forsus Class II correctors have been used in the treatment of more than 1-million patients.

Actual patient wearing Clarity™ ADVANCED Brackets and Forsus™ Class II correctors
Actual patient wearing Clarity™ ADVANCED Brackets and Forsus™ Class II correctors

The result?
Simply beautiful

For you and your practice, this intelligent system works around the clock to speed progress and help ensure optimal, esthetic results. External hardware is eliminated, with no headgear, face bow, or elastics that can be embarrassing for patients of all ages; and compliance issues are no longer a threat to effective treatment. Pairing this with brilliant, patient-pleasing esthetic brackets and more efficient application means you can spend more time with patients and more time building a successful practice.

To see how 3M can make a difference for you, visit 3M.com/Aesthetics, and get your complimentary samples. Or call 3M at 800-423-4588.

Complimentary samples are for U.S. doctors.

This information was provided by 3M.


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