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Orthodontic practice management leader Ortho2 has announced the release of Practice Connect, an office-specific app that facilitates patient communication, adds powerful marketing features, and greatly expands orthodontists’ practice community. This Android and iPhone app is uniquely branded for each office and allows practices to customize the information seen by their patients, responsible parties, and prospective patients.

The app includes many exciting features including patient access to upcoming appointments, images, animations, even reward points and prizes, as well as global messaging and automatic GPS patient sign-in. 

Amy Schmidt, Ortho2’s Director of Sales and Marketing, says, “Practice Connect was developed from specific customer input that we received over the last year. Many of our orthodontists told us they wanted an app that was designed and customized for their office which they could use to engage their patients, as well as drive new patients to their practice.”

Practice Connect lets patients set their own reminders for appointments at exactly the time they want. In addition, patients can sign in for their appointment via the app’s GPS patient sign-in once they come within a certain distance of your office, and within a certain time before a scheduled appointment. 

Practice Connect makes referrals simple and rewarding. Patients can easily enter the name and email address of the person they are referring. Your office gets an email, as well as the person being referred.

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Dr. Tim Dumore, Orthodontist in Winnipeg, says, “I’m very excited to incorporate Practice Connect into our office. What a fantastic way to interact with our patients, as well as for them to see how their treatment is progressing. This marketing tool will greatly help get our name out to those looking for an orthodontist in the area.”

Practice Connect runs seamlessly on Ortho2’s Edge cloud platform and is the latest in a series of mobile app development.

“The response to Practice Connect has been phenomenal. We are excited to be able to leverage our cloud-based Edge system by adding a powerful patient-based app which is branded uniquely for each office. Now orthodontists can stay connected with their patients 24/7 by giving them meaningful content and unique mobile functions,” says Dr. Craig Scholz, Ortho2’s Director of Emerging Technologies.

Ortho2 products can be found in more than 2,000 orthodontic offices, and the company has been providing orthodontic software solutions for more than 30 years.

This information was provided by Ortho2.


Ormco Custom

140521 AAO Encore 02At the 2014 AAO Annual Session, Ormco™ Corporation unveiled Ormco™ Custom — the company’s end-to-end digital suite of products and services. During hysterical in-booth mock debates, Ormco Custom candidates, Senator Tailor and Governor Cash, took the stage to argue which benefit of Ormco Custom is superior — personalization or profitability. If you missed the debates, here is a look at Ormco Custom’s suite of products. 

Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™

Insignia — proven to reduce treatment time by 37% with 7 fewer patient visits* — is a fully customized bracket system with an exact calculated per-tooth prescription based on each unique anatomy, bracket placement, and final position. Insignia™ Ai, the enhanced Insignia Advanced Smile Design Approver Interface, combines two occlusion tools into a simultaneous function for clinicians to interact with the patient’s occlusion from multiple angles. The occlusion tool is accompanied by a wizard to easily navigate throughout the entire submission and approval experience. For added personalization, clear precision placement guides (jigs) shipped with each Insignia case provide exact bracket placement on a patient’s tooth before curing. 

Lythos™ Digital Impression System

Helping to make cumbersome PVS impressions a thing of the past, Ormco Custom includes the Lythos Digital Impression System. Lythos allows users to own, store, and send treatment scans to anyone that accepts .stl files — at no cost. The scanner uses AFI technology to capture and stitch together data in real-time, acquiring high-definition surface detail at all angulations of the tooth surface.

Unique to orthodontic impression systems, Lythos can provide up to 2.5 million 3D data points per second which results in a rapid single high-resolution scan. Lythos’ open platform format and rebate program ensure the scanner is a sound financial investment. 


Ormco’s laboratory arm fabricates customized appliances including class II correctors, aligners, splints, retainers, and more. To help streamline the practice workflow, AOA Lab accepts .stl files from a number of scanners but has a unique integration with Lythos to allow for an even easier submission process. 

Learn more about Ormco Custom at

*Weber II, Dennis J., Koroluk, Lorne D., Phillips, Ceib, Nguyen, Tung, Proffi t, William R., “Clinical Effectiveness and Efficiency of 
Customized vs. Conventional Preadjusted Bracket Systems,” Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, Volume XLVII, No. 4 (2013): 261-266.

This information was provided by Ormco Corporation.

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