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What will 3M highlight at AAO in 2023?

This year we’re excited to highlight our innovative digital solutions while integrating the strength of our core solutions, showcasing a one-stop-shop partner for orthodontists to support and grow their practice while delivering beautiful, healthy smiles for patients.


How are 3M’s digital treatment solutions making a difference for doctors and patients?

Our digital solutions paired with our core technologies make it easier than ever to plan and execute digital treatment plans efficiently and precisely. Our intuitive, web-based workflow helps analyze, design, and track treatment plans for aligners, digital bonding, combination, and retention cases.

With 3M™ Digital Bonding pre-coated with 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive, you can simultaneously bond a full arch of brackets — decreasing chair time and increasing patient comfort. APC Flash-Free, available on five appliance choices, also produces a more reliable bond that also eliminates the process of flash removal for increased efficiencies.

What in-booth experiences will 3M provide?

AAO attendees will be able to view product demos and engage with 3M experts while also experiencing our products hands-on. You can also expect to connect with industry-leading professionals and join us in-booth for a lineup of engaging speakers highlighting clinical excellence and practical concepts.

Visit 3M at AAO Booth No. 1121.


Boyd Industries for durability and reliability

Boyd Industries is the leader in the design and manufacturing of operatory equipment for the orthodontic profession. Best known for the durability and reliability of our award-winning products — including exam and treatment chairs, chair-side delivery systems, exam lights, mobile storage, and clinical cabinetry — we combine 65 years of expertise to design products that perfectly fit your unique space and personal style. We take great pride in the craftsmanship of all products built in our U.S.-based facility, so you can take pride in your office for years to come.

See Boyd’s latest lighting innovation at AAO Booth No. 2043!

Enhance the patient experience, and improve your visibility with Boyd’s newest LED Exam Light. The C600 Exam Light features cool, power-efficient, and reliable LEDs that emit clear and natural white light for maximum visibility. A front-mounted IR sensor allows hands-free operation, light intensity adjustment, and switching between light modes. Focus on your patient when lighting is not an issue.

Visit Boyd Industries at AAO Booth No. 2043.


DentalMonitoring’s advanced remote monitoring solution

DentalMonitoring is a pioneer of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in dentistry and the orthodontic industry’s most advanced remote monitoring solution. Its family of software solutions helps dental professionals make high-quality care connected, smarter, and more sustainable, through the use of AI at all stages of the patient journey.

Since its founding in 2014, DentalMonitoring has developed cutting-edge algorithms that perform high-level clinical analysis on intraoral images and 3D files. Acknowledging that the technology is revolutionary, DentalMonitoring has worked since inception by partnering with clinical advisors to ensure the needs of practitioners are being met with continual advances.


With an AI-powered platform and patented technology that is used to detect and monitor 130-plus oral observations remotely, DentalMonitoring is the only AI-powered solution suited for all treatment types and orthodontic appliance brands. This includes both fixed and removable appliances used during the pre-treatment, active treatment, and retention phases of treatment.

DentalMonitoring’s priority is to continue providing the best products and services to orthodontists and dentists. The company remains focused on enhancing the standard of care for all patients seeking treatment through a licensed doctor, while also helping clinicians to effectively augment their practice productivity and deliver an outstanding patient experience.

Visit DentalMonitoring at AAO Booth Nos. 813, 913, and 1017.


The Norris 20/26® Bracket System

The profitability and predictability of The Norris 20/26® System

Orthodontists are finding they can reduce chair time and patient visits without the expensive lab fees of customizable braces.

.020 x .026, a bracket slot that makes the most sense with your wires

For doctors that love the PSL workflow, but want an easier time finishing in a 19 x 25 wire, the .020 x .026 slot allows clinicians to pick up torque control earlier in treatment and maintain optimal three-dimensional control of the teeth throughout the finishing phase.

The most advanced PSL Door

If a bracket door breaks, collects plaque, or self-opens, the benefits of self-ligating go out the window. A self-ligating door needs to be user-friendly for staff and dependable throughout treatment. The Norris 20/26® door employs the most advanced door technology and ensures doctors and clinical teams will love its reliability from start to finish.

Visit Booth No. 733 for the launch of The Norris 20/26® Bracket System

Stop by the booth to preview the most advanced SL Technology in an aesthetic ceramic bracket. Plus, each day we’ll have in-booth lectures, product demos, and great giveaways! See you in Chicago!

Visit DynaFlex at AAO Booth No. 733.


EasyRx: an innovative workflow solution for labs and practices

EasyRx, a leading provider of universal lab prescription, digital workflow, and 3D software, is an all-in-one modern solution for orthodontic case management. With EasyRx, orthodontic workflows are simplified, allowing all prescriptions — including third-party cases such as Invisalign — to be submitted, managed, and tracked in one easy-to-use platform.


Faster communication

Communication between practices and labs is critical to patient care and timely appliance delivery. As such, EasyRx allows practices to monitor prescription status, view their lab’s standard pricing, and enter prescription feedback, opening communication and providing patients with better care. EasyRx integrates with practice management software and intraoral scanners for increased efficiency and communication.

In-house lab and 3D printing

EasyRx is the first and only in-house lab management software. In one efficient dashboard, technicians can keep track of all in-house lab cases, including digital files. The software also offers both AI-powered and user-controlled editing tools for in-house labs to manage and customize 3D printing.

One platform, many possibilities

Inefficient manual systems can bring orthodontic appliance production to a halt. EasyRx eliminates disruptions by organizing necessary critical orthodontic components — like prescription tracking, communication, and digital files — into one multi-purpose, integrated system. As a result, labs and practices can collaborate more easily to create higher-quality appliances, delivered on time, for a happier patient experience.

Visit EasyRx at AAO Booth No. 633.


Gaidge debuts new Consult Manager

Organizing the entire new patient journey

Gaidge, the leader in practice analytics and business intelligence solutions, introduces the Gaidge Consult Manager. It provides comprehensive task management to track the entire patient journey from start to finish.


Patient queue dashboard — Here, your admin team can manage their tasks pertaining to your new patient workflow. All patients are organized within the dashboard, which shows users each task along with its completion status.

  • Insurance tracking
  • New patient form submissions
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Pending patients who need follow-up
  • Where patients are in the conversion funnel
  • Breakdown of treatment recommendations, outcomes, contracts, and fees

Payment presentation slider — Practices can offer patients flexibility by displaying treatment recommendations and fee options.

  • Patients can accept treatment remotely.
  • Slider allows patients to adjust payments.
  • Slider provides polished visuals, including custom text.

Conversion reporting — Chart and graphical formats display everything from conversion ratios to financials, letting practices monitor starts and individual performance.

  • Performance: Track case acceptance, starts, and exams by TC.
  • Opportunities: View pending patients and follow-ups.
  • Financials: Monitor contract amounts, fees, and production.

Gaidge Consult Manager includes Cloud 9™, Dolphin™, Tops, and Orthotrac software integrations, although manual entry functionality is also available. The entire patient process can be monitored and updated, streamlining practices’ conversion funnels, processes, and growth.

Visit Gaidge at AAO Booth No. 823.


Unlock aligner workflow for your fixed cases with KLOwen Ortho

Grow your practice with fewer clinic days and more effective patient treatments

Traditional brackets (invented in the 1800s) gave way nearly 200 years later to clear aligner therapy — improving doctor workflow with digital case setups. Today, in the wake of either type of start, orthodontists still struggle with repositioning and refinement appointments that annoyingly pick away at profitability and productivity.


Thankfully, the evolution of orthodontics is no longer stagnant. We welcome the emergence of custom braces, giving us more accurate finishes and 31% shorter treatment times. Daily stress drops away as repositioning is reduced by 81%, and wire bends are reduced by 45%. If you haven’t already, it’s time to explore the efficiency of custom braces.

The best qualities of brackets and clear aligners converge in custom braces. Digital setup, indirect bonding, precision brackets, and wires that virtually eliminate slop are helping practices achieve goals like fewer clinic days, more starts, and predictable outcomes. New treatment methods can feel daunting at first. There’s comfort in treating the same way for years. However, comfort can become complacency, and the KLOwen full custom digital solution should be on your radar if your goal is to grow as an orthodontist and practice owner.

KLOwen’s latest white paper dives into four orthodontists’ experiences and insights about making the lucrative switch to custom. You can find the white paper at www.klowenortho.com.

Visit KLOwen Ortho at AAO Booth No. 1633.


Ormco – driving the future of orthodontics, together

Ormco has been collaborating with orthodontists for over 60 years to better understand their needs and challenges. When it comes to product innovation, we take our inspiration from the orthodontic experts we serve. With continuous investment in Research and Development, our solutions empower leading practices to improve patients’ smiles.

This has led to a number of industry-first and breakthrough products and features including:

  • The first true full expression system designed for faster and more precise finishing with the Damon Ultima™ System1
  • The new Ultima™ Hook, the only repositionable hook2
  • Proprietary ceramic bracket technology and advanced clear bracket design with Symetri™ Clear
  • TruRoot™ for Spark™ Clear Aligners that allows doctors to see actual roots in the treatment plan

Along with the Damon Ultima System and Spark™ Clear Aligners, Ormco’s portfolio includes Titanium Orthos™, Symetri™ Clear, AOA Lab, Mini Twin™, and OrthoPulse® Light Accelerated Orthodontics™*. As part of the Envista family of companies, Ormco provides doctors with Dexis™ IS scanning solutions and Metrex™ infection prevention solutions.

You’ve built a vision for your practice, based on what’s best for your patients. With Ormco’s diverse portfolio of solutions for every orthodontic need, you’ll have the clinical freedom and flexibility to keep growing your practice and treating your patients your way.

  1. Data on file.
  2. Using the Ultima™ Hook Repositioning Instrument.
Visit Ormco at AAO Booth No. 921 to learn more.


TopsPay: Tops’ new feature transforms payment processing

Tops is excited to introduce TopsPay, a fully integrated payment processing tool that allows orthodontic practices to streamline operations and payment acceptance, minus extra fees and security risks.

Powerful protection

TopsPay ensures that practices meet high-level payment security standards.

  • PCI compliance: Keeps data safe against third-party interception and fraud.
  • Fraud prevention: Proactive technologies monitor and investigate accounts to detect unauthorized changes.
  • Secure cloud architecture: State-of-the-art cloud architecture is continuously tested for vulnerabilities to ensure top security.
  • Encryption: End-to-end encryption safeguards data so it can’t be intercepted or viewed by unauthorized parties.

More money, less problems

TopsPay is the ultimate time-saver that pays practices faster.

  • Touch-free payments in-person or over the phone
  • Scheduled, recurring payments to ensure on-time payments automatically
  • Transparent pricing with zero surprises

The easiest way to pay

Risky, overpriced, and cumbersome payment collections can disrupt patient care. With TopsPay, practices get an all-in-one secure platform that gives them everything to process payments quickly and put patients first.

Visit Tops at AAO Booth No. 723.


Universal Orthodontic Lab & US Orthodontic Products

Introducing laser-sintered appliances!

Universal Orthodontic Lab is proud to introduce laser-sintered bands for all of your fixed-appliance needs. With the introduction of this cutting-edge technology, clinicians no longer need to take precious chairside time to fit patients with bands or schedule a separator appointment before delivery. Simply send in your scan, and let us take it from there. Our technology allows us to virtually fit your patients’ bands through an intraoral scan. Less appointments, more efficiency, and a fool-proof method of getting your patients the best fitting fixed appliances. Learn more about our new laser-sintered appliances at Booth No. 511.

Go digital today!

US Orthodontic Products is a proud distributor of the industry-disrupting Medit Intraoral Scanners. Since the introduction of intraoral scanners, Medit has pioneered both the hardware and software aspects of digitizing dentistry. With their scanners, clinicians have benefited both financially and clinically. No more messy impressions, less chairside time, and no extra fees to use Medit’s software. Through constant innovation, Medit has made it a priority to provide clinicians flexibility with technology. Submit your scans to any lab that is registered with Medit, and start your new digital workflow today at Booth No. 511.


Visit Universal Orthodontic Lab at AAO Booth No. 511.

Our products featured in previous AAO Special Sections continue to help dentists achieve the success they deserve. Take a look at these products that help dentists surmount their practice and clinical challenges: https://orthopracticeus.com/aao-special-section/

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