AcceleDent® Optima — what’s new in accelerated orthodontics

What are the exciting features of AcceleDent Optima?

AcceleDent® Optima is the first and only orthodontic device that directly connects patients and practices with usage monitoring, direct messaging, and virtual rewards via the state-of-the-art AcceleDent App. An FDA-cleared vibratory orthodontic device, AcceleDent Optima was designed with enhanced patient convenience in mind, so it is smaller, sleeker, and lighter than its predecessors, AcceleDent Aura and AcceleDent Classic. The device is also waterproof. Its Bluetooth® connectivity allows Optima to charge wirelessly and sync with the HIPAA-compliant app.

How does AcceleDent Optima compare to its predecessor AcceleDent Aura?

The third-generation vibratory accelerated orthodontic device from OrthoAccel®, AcceleDent Optima is powered by the same patented SoftPulse® Technology as AcceleDent Aura and AcceleDent Classic.  AcceleDent Optima produces pulsating forces clinically shown to stimulate cellular activity in orthodontic treatment and speed up bone remodeling.

When used for 20 minutes a day by patients, the prescription-only device speeds up treatment with braces or aligners by as much as 50% while reducing discomfort.

What led to the creation of the AcceleDent App?

The development of the AcceleDent App was a natural innovation progression for OrthoAccel because it furthers the company’s commitment to enhancing the patient treatment experience, enabling orthodontists to achieve increased practice efficiency. Having listened to feedback from patients and practices, we believe that the features of the app will encourage patients to remain engaged and motivated throughout treatment, which will also help them maintain optimal compliance.

Available via iTunes® and Google Play™, the easy-to-use AcceleDent App is similar to popular fitness tracking apps.

How will practices achieve increased efficiency with AcceleDent Optima?

Orthodontic practice staff can view real-time compliance data from each of their AcceleDent Optima patients via a web portal that is customized for each AcceleDent provider. This 24/7 access to compliance data enables clinical staff to make more informed scheduling decisions. For instance, an orthodontist who identifies a low-compliant patient can reschedule that appointment since it is unlikely that the patient has progressed to the stage of treatment predicted by the orthodontist. This opens up an appointment for other patients and ultimately fosters more proactive case management for the practice.

While many practices have turned to social media to communicate with patients and to provide various types of reward programs that keep patients motivated throughout treatment, the AcceleDent App provides a streamlined, innovative solution. Through the app’s “Achievements Screen,” patients can earn virtual awards, and through the “Message Board,” practice staff can securely send messages about compliance and scheduling or respond to patient questions.

What will likely interest patients the most about AcceleDent Optima?

AcceleDent Optima and the AcceleDent App are designed to help patients get the healthy, beautiful smile they want faster and with reduced discomfort. Compliance with the 20-minute daily routine is an important factor in patients achieving their desired treatment outcomes, so the ability to set reminder notifications, earn awards, and compare usage to other AcceleDent users helps keep patients on track and motivated.

Parents can also download the AcceleDent App to track their child’s usage and send reminder messages.

How can orthodontists and practice staff learn more about AcceleDent Optima?

Orthodontists interested in learning more about AcceleDent Optima can visit to watch an introductory video or call (866) 866-4919, option 1.

This information was provided by OrthoAccel®.


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