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Memotain, by Allesee Orthodontic Appliances (AOA), is a custom-fit retention product that brings accuracy of fit and patient comfort to retainers.

The latest retainer technology for your practice

For more than 3 years, Allesee Orthodontic Appliances (AOA) has had the privilege to be partnered with CA DIGITAL, a highly technological company based in Germany, distributing a retention product called Memotain®. Memotain is a fixed lingual retainer that is bonded to either the upper or lower teeth. Each Memotain wire is custom-made to fit each patient’s unique tooth contours. The use of computer-aided design (CAD/CAM) fabrication allows the design of smaller, more intimate wires that offer a closer adaptation to the tooth surface. This reduces the number of contact points on each tooth and is designed to increase patient comfort and helps create optimal oral hygiene. The CAD/CAM and manufacturing process help control the optimal placement and a contoured fit. Memotain is manufactured using the shape-memory alloy nitinol, which makes Memotain much thinner and more comfortable to wear. The memory-based metal also helps it maintain its shape integrity, and the transfer tray makes delivery fast and predictable. Once the retainer is cut from the sheet of metal, the innovative material is difficult to bend. Each wire is electro-polished creating a smooth finish and helps minimize plaque and bacterial buildup. Memotain’s improved process and design can help the accuracy of fit with an approximate breakage rate of 1%*.

“No longer do I have to bend wires, modify teeth, or worry if the retainer is going to fit.”
— Dr. Bryan Green

In November 2020, AOA released the latest version of Memotain — Memotain 2.0. Added features such as selective smoothing of the interdental area help create a more exact positioning on the teeth. With this feature, you may also notice smoother interproximal bends. The new design also has partial retention elements to adhere to the bonding site. There are also other subtle features that were added to the software, designed to enhance the product.

The process of a case design

  1. Models are put into occlusion.
  2. Models are rotated to look at the lingual.
  3. A single arch is isolated.
  4. Select wire location and place in occlusion, looking for interference.
  5. After ensuring proper placement, shape the wire to various contact points.
  6. Isolate single arch again to review positioning.
  7. Rotate to occlusal view to look at the detail of the design.
  8. Review final position before sending to CA DIGITAL for cut and polish.

To order Memotain 2.0

  • Memotain cases can be submitted via scan, plaster, or stone models.
  • If upper or upper and lower Memotain are requested, we will need to have both individual arches. If scanned, scan in occlusion.
  • For lower cases only, we need only the lower.
  • All scans just need to include one tooth distal of the Memotain coverage — i.e., lower 3-3 needs scan of 4-4.
  • Rx needs to be completed and sent to AOA along with the patient scan. (individual scanner portal,
  • Lead time is approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

AOA and CA DIGITAL continue to work in tandem to deliver a high-quality product while meeting your patients’ needs. For more information, contact your AOA/Ormco™ representative or customer care at 800-262-5221.

Memotain® is a registered trademark from CA DIGITAL GmbH.


* Source: CA DIGITAL statistical data (data sample) 30,000 retainers

This information was provided by Allesee Orthodontic Appliances (AOA).

Like Memotain, 3Shape utilizes CAD/CAM technology to increase digital solutions in the orthodontic practice. See how it works here:

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