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Lisa Moler Founder/Publisher, MedMark Media
Editor’s intro: Publisher Lisa Moler notes that staying relevant in this ever-changing specialty is exhausting, challenging, awesome, and exhilarating — be a part of this positive and profitable process!

Staying relevant in this ever-changing specialty is the unifying goal of all of us. Dentists, hygienists, assistants, and, yes, the team at MedMark, are constantly adjusting strategies to keep a positive and profitable atmosphere surrounding our businesses. It’s exhausting, challenging, awesome, and exhilarating all at the same time.

What does the future hold for dentistry? Our future is limitless. Live surgeries for teaching new techniques, stem cell research, and strategies for calming anxious patients all have potential to change how dentists practice and the way they market. These breakthroughs also will change the way patients view their dental professionals and reduce their reluctance to schedule their dental appointments. Innovations are stimulating, but to reach their full potential, the good news must reach the right audience. So, marketing also has become an integral part of our daily learning curve as well.

In this issue of Orthodontic Practice US, Dr. Ricky Harrell examines what he calls, “the 800 lb. gorilla in the orthodontic room” — effective retention protocols. He looks at reasons for relapse, and how it can be minimized and managed within the practice. Dr. Duane Grummons discusses 3-Way maxillae appliance innovations with the application of several appliance variations and their benefits in the initial stage of maxillary arch development. A study by Dr. Bryan Lockhart addresses a patient’s skeletal Class II malocclusion, anterior crossbite, and overjet, and Dr. Cory Costanzo’s case study describes clear aligner therapy for a patient with an implant, a scenario that changed his treatment objectives, but will undoubtedly figure into orthodontic plans more frequently as implant therapy becomes more prevalent. Our focus on retention is pursued further in an article by Nicole Cavalea, a speech and myofunctional therapist who works with orthodontists to strengthen and retrain patient’s muscles, correct postural imbalances, restore proper alignment, elevation of the tongue and adequate nasal breathing. Working as a team, the orthodontist and myofunctional therapist can facilitate longer-lasting positive results.

Besides our clinical features, this issue brings you information from Gary Salman, a cyberprofessional, in protecting your practice from “phishing” schemes and vulnerabilities in your computer network that can exploit your patient’s and practice’s records. In addition, JoAn Majors points out techniques to deliver tough news to patients and staff that can lead to greater communication and reduce defensive responses.

At MedMark, our periodicals are searching for topics and meeting the needs of changing specialties, and it’s getting more fulfilling with each new leap forward. MedMark’s digital innovations bring you orthodontic-related podcasts, webinars, and video chats, as well as offering access to all of our articles online, so you can learn whenever and wherever you are. While you develop strategic options to encourage a healthier America, our team is laser-focused on bringing readers meaningful, life-changing content.

Call us, write for us, and help us all move forward and be a part of the change. Together, we will make history and lead innovation.

To your best success!

Lisa Moler


MedMark, LLC

Staying relevant in orthodontics is specific to each clinician’s personality and goals. Read how Dr. Dan Bills connects with patients and became “Empowered in Orthodontics” in his practice profile.

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