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Editor’s intro: Henry Schein Orthodontics’ SAGITTAL FIRST™ Philosophy makes treatment more efficient and provides impressive results. Here’s how. 

The next-generation of treatment solutions

Today’s orthodontic patients are in the driver’s seat: they do their own research, know what they want, make their own decisions, and have high expectations. Living in a social media and selfie culture, patients want instant gratification and expect to improve their smile easily, invisibly, and quickly.

Incorporating the SAGITTAL FIRST™ Philosophy, as a new treatment protocol, is the best way to offer your patients what they want, and even exceed their expectations with a positive experience. You can create beautiful smiles for life and correct occlusion, all in a shorter amount of time in brackets or fewer aligners. Another benefit for you? You dramatically decrease patients going over planned treatment time, resulting in improved practice efficiency!

The SAGITTAL FIRST™ Philosophy powered by Carriere® MOTION 3D™ Appliance is changing the landscape of the ortho-dontic industry. Treatment has evolved from lengthy and unpleasant, to expeditious and comfortable — and discreet! Bite correction with Motion 3D Appliance prior to aligner or bracket treatment is becoming common practice among leading industry clinicians. The MOTION 3D Appliance is as easy to place as a bracket or buccal tube. Bonding takes about 15 minutes and can easily fit into a Same-Day Start protocol and increase conversion rates. The vision of SAGITTAL FIRST is to work smarter, not harder, by capitalizing on patients’ heightened compliance at the beginning of their treatment.

The SAGITTAL FIRST Philosophy is also considered a nonsurgical approach to bite correction. The Motion 3D Appliance creates space. Simultaneously, it rotates the upper first molars into their correct position; it uprights the maxillary first molars and distalizes the maxillary posterior segment, from canine or first premolar to first molar, as a unit. The combination of these three concurrent actions corrects the anteroposterior (AP) relationship, resolves crowding, generating a movement on average from 3 mm to 6 mm.

MOTION 3D CLEAR™ Appliance is the ideal driver to every aligner case. Benefits of beginning treatment with MOTION 3D include achieving a Class I platform in as little as 3 to 6 months prior to starting aligners, reduction in the number of aligners required, and shortened overall treatment time. Important to esthetic-minded patients, its unique design makes it virtually unnoticeable during treatment.

Transitioning to the Attach-Less SLX® Clear Aligners post-occlusion correction with MOTION 3D Appliance reduces both the number of attachments and aligners required. SLX Aligner design features include precision fit and optimized trim heights that capture the hard and soft tissue anatomy for exceptional control without attachments. Conventional clear aligners are manufactured with deep scalloping and loose fit, making multiple attachments a necessity during treatment.

Attach-Less SLX Clear Aligners provide an exceptional fit by creating one highly accurate mold of each tooth. The original “perfect” mold is utilized for each aligner. There is no loss of fidelity during this process. Each tooth is moved physically, step by step, as opposed to digitally. The proprietary thermoforming method lends itself to capturing all available tooth and soft tissue anatomy. This process provides better tracking and a predictable outcome.

Optimized trim is an essential focus during the manufacturing process of SLX Aligners. They are precisely contoured to capture the interproximal and gingival margins, further enhancing control independent of attachments and preventing the aligner from slipping. The edges of SLX Aligners are intentionally smooth to provide additional comfort for the patient throughout treatment.

In addition to Attach-Less precision fit and contoured trim, SLX Clear Aligners offer improved clarity with ClearWear™ Material. Guaranteed not to stain, this provides another esthetic draw for patients. Precision fit, optimized trim, and the strength of ClearWear Material all work in unison to reinforce force levels.

The SAGITTAL FIRST Philosophy brings together the simplicity and effectivity of MOTION 3D Appliance and SLX Clear Aligners to provide impressive results to patients in a shorter amount of time.

A new era of orthodontics has arrived, and industry leaders not only have taken notice, but also have taken action to make MOTION 3D Appliance and SLX Clear Aligners the standard in bite correction and fixed-appliance alternatives. The SAGITTAL FIRST Philosophy proves that treatment can be less invasive, more efficient, and provide impressive results in a shorter amount of time. The rising popularity and demand is undeniable.

Happy Patients + Happy Practice + Happy Staff + Happy Doctor #TheHappinessRevolution

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This information was provided by Henry Schein® Orthodontics™.

The Carriere® SLX 3D™ Appliance system, when powered by the SAGITTAL FIRST Philosophy, is a comprehensive and technologically advanced PSL treatment solution. Read about it here.  

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