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Lorraine PortoLorraine Porto, President of Adenta USA, discusses how Adenta is dedicated to serving the best interests of orthodontists

Today, the orthodontist has many bracket choices. When choosing a bracket manufacturer, the technology behind how and why a bracket is manufactured plays an important role, not only to the price, but to its overall performance. The most important goal of the manufacturer should be to serve the best interest for the daily needs of the orthodontist.



Claus SchendellWhen I first met the owner and chief engineer of Adenta GmbH, Claus Schendell, at our headquarters in Germany, I could see immediately that Adenta was different. We talked extensively for hours about his chosen manufacturing technique, CNC Milling, and the precision this technology offered to the orthodontist. Today, 98% of bracket manufacturers use MIM technology (Metal Injection Molding); however, Schendell pledged from the beginning never to sacrifice bracket mechanics over manufacturing costs.


CS-Adenta2 - CopyCS-Adenta2 - Copy (2)

Within the world of engineering, CNC Milling dominates high-tech products, high-end watches, Formula 1, and aerospace. MIM was never introduced simply because it couldn’t offer the precision needed. As an orthodontist, you rely on this precision to transfer your chosen prescription. CNC Milling can produce bracket slots with tolerances within a thousandth of an inch. When you need a +17° torque, you get it; incorrect slot dimensions simply create more work for you. Many times difficulties with detailing stem directly from an imprecise slot that cannot deliver the bracket prescription that is required.


CNC Milling also provided us with the freedom to advance and improve the function of brackets. We introduced into the industry for the first time a truly one-piece bracket and a sandblasted base, providing the low profile we had all been looking for and a bond strength that far exceeded that of the very popular mesh bases of the time. When self-ligating was first introduced, CNC milling allowed Schendell to take this self-ligating system into the world of lingual orthodontics, creating the first self-ligating lingual bracket.

Why does 3D CAD/CAM CNC Milling matter to you, the orthodontist?

  • Highly precise slot dimensions for complete and accurate torque and CS-Adenta5 - Copyfinishing control
  • Smooth, flawless finish produces ultra-low frictional forces
  • Strong durable stainless steel that can easily withstand the rigors of orthodontic treatment
  • One-piece bracket with an ultra-small in-out for a purer translation of the prescription
  • Sandblasted mechanical undercuts for a strong and reliable bonding strength


Being the first to introduce new features that eventually become standard has always made us different. Using a manufacturing technology that only 2% of the industry uses also makes us different. Many things have changed over the past 18 years that I have been with Adenta, and I will proudly stand at the top of any mountain to tell all who will listen. Yes, we are different … manufacturing the most advanced, reliable, and precise orthodontic bracket in the industry. You see, sometimes it is good to be different!


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