New suresmile® Aligner Design

The value of precision

My practice often uses aligner therapy at the beginning and finish of treatment. Not only does suresmile® Aligner Design put me in complete control, suresmile’s pricing program has already saved us thousands of dollars.

Dr. J. Peter KierlDr. J. Peter Kierl • Edmond, Oklahoma

Designed to your treatment plan

Choosing suresmile as your Treatment Management System gives you options for incorporating aligner therapy into your practice. suresmile Aligner Design is ideal for the following case types requiring moderate
tooth movement:

  • Aligner-only treatment
  • Aligner treatment in conjunction with braces, either to start or finish cases
  • Clear retainers at the end of treatment with braces — the scan can be performed before braces are removed, eliminating an office visit, and it can be the start of a practice retention program.

Designed to fit your plan, many patients are happy to finish their treatment in aligners rather than traditional appliances. For greater convenience, suresmile Aligner Designs may be printed out by a local laboratory of your choice.

Case No.1

This case was treated with braces for 8 weeks, followed by four sets of aligners. In finishing this case, we used a series of aligner designs printed by our local laboratory. We find that our patients are always happy to get out of braces sooner, and we are pleased with the consistency of finish.


Case No. 2

This case was treated with 6 sets of aligners.


Case No. 3

This case was treated with 5 sets of aligners.


The suresmile Aligner Design Program

This program offers $350/month service access, support and maintenance fee (fee waived in any month during which case-related purchases meet or exceed $350 or the amount equal to $350 minus case-related purchases is charged as the fee for that month) + $300/case (including one therapeutic model and one setup).
Also exclusively available is a Diagnostic digital model ($45/model) with the following features:

  • 3D Viewing Tools — 12 views
  • Automated Analytics — Bolton, arch width, quality grading
  • Simulations — alternative treatment plans
  • Communication — patients, referring doctors

Stay informed!

Sign up for the next suresmile webinar on aligners in 2015, and learn how your colleagues are successfully implementing suresmile Aligner Design into their practices.
To register or for more information, call suresmile at 877-787-7645.

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