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Enhancing orthodontic marketing with automation: a digital revolution

Jeff Slater discusses how automation can keep your on-line presence active In today’s digital age, where social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram dominate our daily lives, orthodontic practices must adapt to stay competitive and thrive. Leveraging automation in your marketing strategies is one of the keys to success, as it can save time and […]

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The synergy of orthodontics and myofunctional therapy

Dr. Maria Sokolina discusses a game-changer in long-term stability and sleep apnea treatment Abstract Orthodontic treatments often face challenges related to long-term stability. This article discusses the connection between orthodontic relapses and orofacial myofunctional habits, especially among sleep-breathing disorder patients. Recognizing this link, the author integrated myofunctional therapy (MFT) into orthodontic treatment. The combination of

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Referrals — from a pad of paper to a technology-filled smart card

Dr. Steven Semaan talks about the importance of referrals and a new technology that promises to change and improve the process. Referrals are one of the most powerful ways that orthodontic practices connect with new patients and expand their reach. With social media, the internet, and word of mouth as modern ways for patients to

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The case for limited treatment

Dr. Leon Klempner discusses growing your practice with high value-per-visit treatment lim·it·ed treat·ment \ ‘limədəd ‘trētmənt \ n 1: Orthodontic treatment with a limited objective or scale of treatment. The objective may be limited by: not involving the entire dentition, not addressing the full scope of the orthodontic problem, mitigating an aspect of a greater

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Progress over perfection

In the modern world, digital treatment planning has been embraced for creating aligners. There is an immense, unmet potential in using those same digital workflow technologies for treatment with braces. Pre-dating aligners, a small team of our colleagues worked on digital treatment processes to improve orthodontic treatment using braces. Those initial processes took some interesting

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Innovation driving practice growth

Drs. Todd Bovenizer and Christopher Baker discuss keeping up with the latest advancements in orthodontics Innovation and technology are fundamental values we strongly believe in at Bovenizer and Baker Orthodontics. We believe that is crucial. From serving on the advisory board for Carestream, where we helped to improve and innovate their practice management software, to

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CO2 lasers in orthodontics

Dr. Sabrina Dragan discusses an innovative tool with multiple benefits for the orthodontist and the multidisciplinary practice Modern technology has perfected the instrument that has become almost synonymous with minimally invasive dentistry — the dental laser. While lasers have been utilized in dentistry for over 40 years, their use has been limited in orthodontics. Within

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