Gaidge measures and analyzes your practice’s performance data — read about how this can help you determine where to focus your resources.

Keys to the kingdom — unlocking opportunity with practice data

Do you know your practice performance data?

When running a practice, every orthodontist must be not only a doctor, but also a CEO who drives the business forward through operations, marketing, strategy, and goals. With so many departments and moving pieces in a practice, this task can feel daunting. Knowing where to start when it comes to setting goals and telling your team where to focus is the first challenge that not only orthodontists face, but also any business leader. The first place to begin must be understanding current performance, and the only way to know versus guess is to look at your data. Do you track new patient phone calls and marketing dollars? What do you know about your treatment efficiencies and repair rates? What about starts from your observation pool, accounts receivable, or insurance delinquency? Making informed business decisions in a practice is critical to ongoing success, but without understanding your key performance indicators (KPIs), it’s a challenging and risky endeavor.

How are you currently gathering practice data?

Do you have team members pulling reports, creating spreadsheets, and manually entering data points? Or perhaps after hours, you sift through reports provided through your practice management system and analyze the information? Manually gathering all your important practice metrics can be a huge investment of time for you and your team, and it’s immediately outdated. Data must be synthesized and easily digestible in order to gain insights and make the right decisions on where to focus your efforts moving forward. Your time should not be spent gathering data, but instead leveraging automation and tools that give you what you need to quickly determine where to focus resources and where not to.

Data visualizations that provide clear, actionable insights

Custom-designed for orthodontists, Gaidge — a business intelligence software company — provides significant time-savings and automation for up-to-date information on your practice.

Gaidge streamlines the process of measuring and analyzing your practice performance data in one comprehensive platform. By synthesizing thousands of calculations that are pulled from your practice management system, Gaidge displays easy-to-read dashboards and charts, so you can see the entire health of your practice in one tool. The features of Gaidge Analytics include:

  • 80-plus practice health metrics on your critical KPIs
  • 35-plus practice reports displayed in simple graphs and charts
  • 9 custom dashboards to view your complete practice health, including data for productions and collections, accounts receivable and delinquency, exams and starts, observation, schedule, and treatment efficiency
  • Access to national and regional comparison data from over 1,700 locations to see how you rank and help set meaningful goals for your practice
  • Seamless integration with the 6 leading practice management systems
  • Track performance across multiple practice locations and roll up for a corporate view
  • Ability to access your Gaidge data through the Gaidge Mobile app

Learn more at, or call 1-800-287-3396.


This information was provided by Gaidge.


Gaidge can help you achieve a profitable path forward. Read more about how:

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