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141102 Ormco FeatureWith digital technology taking center stage in the orthodontic profession, Ormco™ Corporation continues to introduce computer-designed appliances and 3D software that aid in practice profitability and treatment personalization.

A leader in the field of digital orthodontics, Ormco unveiled Ormco™ Custom earlier this year. Ormco Custom is an end-to-end digital workflow solution that includes Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™, Lythos™ Digital Impression System and AOA Lab.

Together, this suite of products has become the core driver behind innovative 3D diagnostics, treatment planning, and customized appliance fabri-cation that has revolutionized practices across the country.

Insignia Advanced Smile Design

Insignia Advanced Smile Design — which is proven to reduce treatment time by 37% with seven fewer patient visits*— is a fully customized appliance system that allows doctors to show patients a 3D virtual movie of their projected final result prior to starting treatment. Insignia’s fully customized bracket system provides an exact calculated per-tooth prescription based on each patient’s unique dental anatomy, and the clinician’s desired bracket placement and final tooth position. This advanced technology enables orthodontists to deliver on a treatment plan — designed specifically for each patient — with unprecedented accuracy. In doing so, Insignia fosters more predictable treatment in less overall time with fewer adjustments and reduced chair time. Insignia’s latest software enhancements make the platform even more intuitive with integrated support elements for greater ease of use. To learn more about Insignia Ai, visit https://ai.ormco.com/

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Lythos Digital Impression System

Making PVS impression a thing of the past, the Lythos Digital Impression System is specifically designed to integrate easily into any practice. It allows users to own, store, and send treatment scans — at no cost — to orthodontic labs and appliance manufacturers that accept .stl files for the creation of a variety of custom appliances and/or study models. Utilizing AFI laser video technology, Lythos captures and pieces together data in real-time, acquiring high-definition detail at all angulations of the tooth surface. Unique to orthodontic impression systems, Lythos can provide up to 2.5 million 3D data points per second, resulting in an exact, distortion-free, high-resolution scan. The system has been praised for its portability and features an ergonomically designed wand for comfortable scanning throughout the day. To receive hands-on training and a Lythos demonstration, doctors are encouraged to contact their local Ormco Sales Representative. To hear why orthodontists choose Lythos as their scanner of choice, please visit www.ichooselythos.com.


Completing Ormco Custom is AOA Lab, a full-service, digital orthodontic laboratory serving orthodontic professionals worldwide. AOA Lab fabricates customized appliances, including Class II correctors, aligners, splints, and retainers. To streamline practice workflow, doctors simply need to place the key words “Lythos Scan” after their patients’ names, which will automatically trigger a notification to AOA to retrieve the scanned data from the Ormco cloud. No file converting. No third-party FTP sites involved.

Learn more about Ormco Custom at www.ormcocustom.com

* Weber DJ 2nd, Koroluk LD, Phillips C, Nguyen T, Proffit WR. Clinical effectiveness and efficiency of customized vs. conventional preadjusted bracket systems. J Clin Orthod. 2013;47(4):261-266.
This information was provided by Ormco Corporation.

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