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MidAtlantic Orthodontics is a family-owned company with a culture that derives directly from our core values. These values drive our policies and business practices. They are the foundation of our relationships with our customers and, in turn, the community that we are all contributing members towards. Since our inception, these principles have served to make MidAtlantic Orthodontics the reputable, full-service provider of quality products and services we have been known for and is consistent with the vision Mr. Tony Prusich had when starting the company.

Vision for the future
MidAtlantic Orthodontics is committed to bringing those same core values and spirit into the future as we develop a new Vision that will define even greater goals for us to achieve moving forward. That vision is to connect with you, in a progressive new way, so that your practice is empowered like never before, with the convenience and efficiencies necessary for you to both treat and compete in today’s competitive marketplace. At MidAtlantic Ortho, we believe empowering your practice begins with putting you in command of your supply.




As a result, we have innovated an E-Commerce platform unlike any other in our marketplace that will serve as an on-command resource for all of your practice supply needs. More than just online ordering, MAO now provides a user-friendly way to place, track, and store your purchase and ordering history with just a click of a button. With MidAtlanticOrtho.com, there is no more waiting for a visit from your sales representative, no more buying more than you need from a stock-up promotion, and no more figuring out the true cost of a complicated buying group program. All of the materials, information, and historical data you need to run and grow your practice is now available 24/7.

CONVENIENCE THROUGH means that no matter what device or time of day is most convenient for you, we’ve made it possible to connect with us. In fact, research from a leading media company showed that 80% of dental professionals use their smartphones for business purposes. However, we took this statistic a step further by integrating all popular means of communication into our E-Commerce site, such as phone, desktop, tablet, or live chat. Whether you prefer to speak with a live person or interact on your own remotely, MAO has a channel through which to contact us.

However, connectivity and communication does not stop there.  MidAtlantic Ortho has also developed fresh new social media sites and blog pages for you to access and exchange information, perspectives, ideas, and testimonials meant to not only improve the relationships we share within our immediate network, but to enhance the experiences of many others throughout the entire orthodontic community as well.

Your practice is your business, and your supplies are a critical component of your business’ value — the value you ultimately provide to your patients. At MidAtlantic Ortho, we understand that attracting, starting, and treating more patients is most important to our customers. The time that it takes to source, stock, and account for any errors in your supply is time away from growing your practice. That is why we developed our E-Commerce platform, to assist you in improving your workflow efficiency by eliminating the waste that often exists as part of traditional ordering processes. With MidAtlanticOrtho.com, your ordering can be more convenient, accurate, recorded, and accessible like never before. Your practice can run “leaner,” a standard objective across all businesses that correlates with higher profits. More time and higher profits mean greater capacity to do the things most important to you. In these ways and others, MAO represents Supply That Supports Your Bottom Line.

Solutions for the future
The ability to innovate is one thing, but how those innovations translate into practical solutions is another. At MidAtlantic Orthodontics, we possess the expertise as part of our Leadership Team to understand your business — both clinically and commercially — so that we deliver the innovative solutions necessary for you to be successful.

This has just been evidenced in a major way through the development and description of our E-Commerce platform, meant to provide increases in practice efficiency through supply. Now, we are equally proud to introduce an MAO exclusive in the area of treatment efficiency through advanced appliance systems.The FiT.20 system is a new dimension in treatment efficiency, as it is the most advanced progression in passive self-ligation and arch form technology to date.

Conceived by Dr. Robert “Tito” Norris, it is the culmination of his years of experience in treating with leading passive self-ligating systems, along with his background in mechanical engineering. Together, he was able to identify both the physical attributes and clinical shortcomings of competitive appliances, and determine which design elements would most benefit today’s practicing orthodontist. The result is a true twin, passive self-ligating appliance system having a reduced slot dimension of .020 x .026, combined with a series of extra broad arch form wires.

Brackets (.020 x .026)
Control over torque and tip has eluded clinicians for years and has been compensated for in various ways from specifying additional degrees in programming, to repositioning, to wire sequencing.  However, between ranges in manufacturing tolerances and quality control, an inherent amount of “slop” within the bracket slot is virtually unavoidable. This is particularly true in passive bracket systems as the reduced friction, free-sliding benefit is unable to utilize a ligation method that at least seats a wire firmly in place. Whether it has been an effort to preserve existing economies of scale, or a reluctance to break from tradition on the part of the manufacturing community, a movement towards the ultimate solution of reducing the slot dimension has yet to occur — until now.

MidAtlantic Orthodontics, consistent with our new vision for meaningful solutions in today’s marketplace, is proud to support Dr. Robert “Tito” Norris in the development and supply of this exciting transformative system.  Not only did we look to collaborate on the premise of a reduced slot dimension, but we also sought to incorporate best-in class features that would be further appreciated by many, such as four true tie-wings with undercuts that can accommodate popular colored ligature ties; biocompatible, cobalt-chromium composition for nickel-free use by allergy-sensitive patients; a flawless clip mechanism for consistent reliability; injection molded manufacture for strength integrity, smooth comfortable surfaces, and increased hygiene; and a mechanical base for trouble-free bonding. Also available in the form of molar tubes, FiT.20 is a complete molar-to-molar system.

As with FiT.20 brackets, FiT.20 wires are a break from convention and take what we know about expanded arches and esthetic expression to a whole new level. Once again, Dr. Robert “Tito” Norris learned from observation, learned from trial and error, and synthesized what he experienced from the use of existing broad arch forms into the extra broad arch form we have now developed.  A non-coordinated arch makes it possible to treat both the maxilla and mandible with the same form. Thirty percent broader than the broadest arch on the market, this extra broad arch achieves a number of key efficiencies and effects: it affords maximum space as it expresses each tooth to its full outermost potential; it gains maximum leveling and alignment as the teeth are afforded a greater range of motion; it influences the musculature of the surrounding soft tissue earlier in preparation for subsequent desired reprogramming; and it introduces a collaborative dynamic sooner between the bracket and the wire.

Throughout the later working and finishing stages of treatment, a “Rounded” rectangular (19×25) arch wire is introduced (yet another MAO exclusive) that makes insertion, clip closure, and seating smoother than ever. FiT.20 Wires are the perfect compliment in how they fully express the torque and tip of the bracket over existing passive systems, yet without the binding of other higher frictional systems. Most importantly, however, is how they both FiT to produce broader, more expressive smiles than anything else available today.

Wires (extra broad)

Dr. Robert “Tito” Norris
Dr. Norris attended University of Texas at Austin where he received his bachelor’s degree with honors in Biology, and a minor in Mechanical Engineering. He was salutatorian of this dental school class at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School. He completed a General Practice Residency at the Washington DC VA Medical Center. He completed his orthodontics specialty training at Howard University, and graduated as valedictorian with the highest GPA in the Orthodontic Department’s 25-year history.
Instruments and handpieces are an integral part of your practice. At MidAtlantic Orthodontics, we recognize that the condition and performance of these tools can have a direct impact on your overall treatment and practice efficiencies as well. That is why we have developed a dedicated department of our business specific to instrument sales, repairs, and services. The service center has received a brand of its own named Revive, and through it you have a convenient and reliable way to ensure that all of the critical hand tools you need to be in smooth, sharp, and clean working condition will be properly maintained. The process is easy and cost effective. Just contact us directly, or visit our website for more information.

MAO value proposition
At MidAtlantic Orthodontics, we are committed to providing the solutions that are indicated to expand the specialty of orthodontics and improve the vitality of its care providers.

Whether it is in the form of technological platforms meant to increase your operational efficiencies through novel means of supply, or in the design of materials meant to increase treatment efficiencies and quality outcomes, MAO will deliver the highest level of value in the friendliest, most convenient manner for your complete satisfaction.

We welcome you to join our community of customers and partners, and experience our numerous other quality brands and services, as we grow into the future — together.

This information was provided by MidAtlantic Orthodontics.

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