Ormco™ Custom: Scan, Design, Build, Bond

140905 Ormco FeatureA complete digital treatment solution

Ormco™ is committed to accelerating orthodontists’ access to advanced clinical solutions. Ormco™ Custom is at the forefront of this pledge. Ormco Custom is a suite of products and services that offers an end-to-end digital workflow — from 3D digital scanning with precise, real-time data capture to state-of-the-art computer-guided diagnostics and treatment planning to patient-specific appliance design and fabrication.

Each of its components can operate independently, but seamless integration works synergistically for unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and predictable, high-quality outcomes. Ormco Custom’s four-step process — Scan, Design, Build, Bond — offers a high degree of systemization that helps optimize the patient experience, shorten treatment times, and improve treatment accuracy and predictability. In fact, the personalization Ormco Custom offers is proven to reduce treatment time by 37%, on average, with seven fewer office visits per case.* Additionally, with Ormco Custom, some doctors have grown their businesses by 50% or more.**

To get you started, here is a look at how each element of Ormco Custom works.

140905 Ormco 01SCAN — Start right
The Lythos™ Digital Impression System is the first step in the personalization process. Lythos is designed to integrate easily into any practice, harnessing the power of digital scanning to overcome the inherent challenges associated with taking accurate PVS impressions. The Lythos intraoral scanner captures and stitches together data in real-time, acquiring high-definition detail at all angulations of the tooth surface. Each scan can be manipulated on the Lythos touchscreen with rotation capabilities and several vantage points. With secure, cloud-based storage and easy file transfer, doctors have the convenience of working from any location.

When using Lythos, the basic scanning steps are as follows:

  • Enter patient data.
  • Retract the teeth.
  • Scan lower arch/8 short segments.
  • Scan upper arch/8 short segments.
  • Scan bite registration.
  • Upload impression.

To learn about incorporating Lythos in your practice, please visit ichooselythos.com

DESIGN — Start with the end in sight
Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design is a fully customized bracket system with an exact, calculated per-tooth prescription based on unique dental anatomy, bracket placement, and final tooth position. The system allows you to incorporate artistic and clinical skills by manipulating tooth position on the screen to visualize your ideal finish. Once you approve the final outcome, each bracket, archwire, and clear precision placement guide (jig) is customized for bonding.

140905 Ormco 02Each aspect of the customized Insignia treatment is precisely calculated to optimize tooth movement, ensuring the most efficient plan is at work.  

The five-step Insignia case submission process is as follows:

  • Log in to your account, select Add New Patient.
  • Enter the patient’s personal details.
  • Select the treatment type for the patient.
  • Upload patient photos.
  • Review and submit or save for a later submission.
  • Find efficiency through personalization, from start to finish with Insigni

To learn more about the software, visit ai.ormco.com

Note: Lythos scans connect automatically to Insignia via the ormcodigital.com web portal, and with the Lythos rebate, every Insignia case submitted reduces the cost of Lythos by $100.

140905 Ormco 03BUILD — Mass personalization
Ormco Custom leads the way in manufacturing custom brackets, wires, and appliances that are unique to each patient and treatment plan. With the integration of AOA custom lab services, Ormco Custom delivers state-of-the-art digital technologies and unprecedented levels of customization.

Offices looking for customized appliances simply send a completed Rx via email to AOA Lab. When using Lythos, placing “Lythos Scan” after the patient’s name will automatically trigger AOA to the Ormco cloud to retrieve the scan data. No file converting, no third-party FTP sites. From there, AOA uses cutting-edge SLA printers to create the personalized appliances. The SLA printers allow for superior detail and accuracy.  Once the appliance(s) are fabricated, the practice will receive the product along with the printed model via UPS.

BOND — Protect your treatment plan
Every Insignia case is accompanied by clear jigs manufactured to fit like a puzzle piece onto the patient’s unique occlusal anatomy. Clear jigs provide the ability to view exact bracket placement before light curing for a more comfortable bonding experience for both staff and patients. Additionally, every wire is custom designed for exact results and fewer finishing appointments.

140905 Ormco 04Getting started
As you can see from the quick and easy steps, Ormco Custom is a unique digital platform that simplifies the treatment scanning, designing, building, and bonding process. To get started, Ormco Custom Starter Kits provide special introductory pricing that include free products or services of your choice.***

For more information, please contact your Ormco Sales Representative or visit www.ormcocustom.com

*    Weber DJ, 2nd, Koroluk LD, Phillips C, Nguyen T, Proffit WR. Clinical effectiveness and efficiency of customized vs. conventional preadjusted bracket systems. J Clin Orthod. 2013;47(4):261-266.

**    Study was a comparative study of personal practice. Data on file.
***    North American doctors only.

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