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Planmeca is the world’s largest privately held dental imaging company and one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of panoramic and cephalometric X-rays.

Company History

Planmeca is the world’s largest privately held dental imaging company and one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of panoramic and cephalometric X-rays. Over the past four decades, it has expanded its sales network in more than 100 countries worldwide. Planmeca’s imaging units offer superior image quality, reduced radiation during routine procedures, easy upgradeability, and advanced, user-friendly imaging software. Planmeca has been a leader in digital imaging and advanced computer-integrated dental care concepts for years and remains in the forefront of technology as the field of dentistry evolves. 

Since the company’s establishment, Planmeca’s developers have worked closely with dentists and leading universities to anticipate future trends, using the data to design an advanced line of high-tech products. From the introduction of the first microprocessor-controlled chair, to the development of the ProMax line of imaging units with SCARA (Selectively Compliant Articulated Robotic Arm) technology, Planmeca has always led the way with new technology. The company’s goal is to supply dental professionals with the highest quality dental equipment that is uniquely designed for today’s modern, technologically advanced practice. 

Patented SCARA technology

What truly sets Planmeca apart from the competition is the company’s patented, exclusive SCARA technology. This robotic arm, which comes standard on all ProMax units, enables free geometry based on image formation and can produce any movement pattern required. The precise, free-flowing arm movements allow for a wide variety of imaging programs not possible with any other X-ray unit on the market; this allows the dental professional to take images based on diagnostic needs, not machine limitations.

Anatomically accurate extraoral bitewing program

Planmeca’s ProMax S3, 3D, and 3D Mid imaging units offer an exclusive extraoral bitewing program, possible only with SCARA technology. This innovative program consistently opens interproximal contacts, eliminates patient positioning errors, and is more diagnostic than other intraoral modalities. ProMax extraoral bitewings are ideal for a number of patients, from the elderly and those requiring periodontal work to those with claustrophobia, sensitive gag reflexes, or those in pain. All of this comes in a true bitewing program that enhances clinical efficiency and takes less time and effort than a conventional intraoral bitewing.

Upgradeable innovation

One of Planmeca’s greatest contributions to dental imaging is its innovative, upgradeable product platform — all based on exclusive, patented SCARA technology. Since it’s software-driven, SCARA technology enables limitless possibilities to upgrade existing equipment, allowing the new dentist on a smaller budget to grow while making only appropriate and necessary equipment investments. For example, Planmeca products can be upgraded from a 2D panoramic X-ray to a combination of pan/ceph capabilities, which can be further upgraded to accommodate 3D imaging needs. Whether it is the transformation of a film to a 3D unit, or the addition of a cephalometric arm, Planmeca offers solutions for every upgrade need. This single piece of technology makes the ProMax the most versatile all-in-one X-ray unit available on the market.

Reduced radiation for safer procedures

All Planmeca products are designed around the ALARA radiation principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable). Through specially designed programs, such as horizontal and vertical segmenting, autofocus, and pediatric pans, dental professionals are able to provide their patients with excellent care without compromising their safety.

Horizontal and vertical segmenting options limit the exposure to diagnostic areas of interest. By selecting these options, patient dosage can be reduced by up to 93%, which is highly advantageous when follow-up images are needed. 

Autofocus automatically positions the focal layer using a low-dose scout image of the patient’s central incisors, and uses landmarks within the patient’s anatomy to calculate placement. The result is a fast, diagnostic pan every time, which drastically reduces retakes caused by false positioning. 

Pediatric programs further lower the dose by automatically selecting the narrow focal layer of young patients, adjusting the collimator, and reducing the area of exposure from the top and the sides. This reduces the dosage area while still providing full diagnostic information. 

Digital Perfection™: the new standard

Building on the well-established all-in-one idea of integration, Planmeca introduced the Digital Perfection concept in 2011. Seamless integration of dental equipment and software creates efficient diagnostic tools, optimized workflow, and advanced infection control methods that result in a treatment environment where all equipment shares an open interface.

The company works worldwide with all aspects of the dental industry, including dental schools, dentists, and dental team members, as well as dealers, and uses the latest technologies to create the best products for dental offices and patients alike. As a forerunner in digital imaging technology, Planmeca delivers complete dental solutions based on integrated high-tech device and software options with exquisite design. 

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