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“How long will I have to wear braces?” and “When do I get my braces off?” are inevitably two of the most frequently asked questions during orthodontic treatment consultation and actual treatment.


Patients seek orthodontic treatment for a number of reasons, often so that they may be able to smile confidently at a special life event, such as a graduation or a wedding, while searching for new employment or working toward a career promotion.

Today, advancements in technology allow patients to achieve a beautiful smile in far less time than ever before. 

AcceleDent®, a new device from OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc., offers a noninvasive, innovative solution that allows orthodontists and their patients to dramatically accelerate treatment. Available by prescription only, AcceleDent is a FDA-cleared, Class II medical device that exclusively uses SoftPulse Technology® to accelerate tooth movement up to 50% with just 20 minutes of daily use. This portable, lightweight, and hands-free device delivers gentle vibrations, or micropulses, to safely accelerate tooth movement as guided by orthodontists. 

AcceleDent is offered worldwide by leading orthodontists who view accelerated treatment as a win-win situation for themselves, their patients, and their practices. With AcceleDent, patients may spend less time in braces, allowing orthodontists to potentially increase their practice efficiency. Orthodontists and their staff often hear comments and feedback from their patients, including “I cut my treatment time in half!” “I can hardly believe it!”  and “AcceleDent is my best friend on adjustment day.”

AcceleDent’s history

Research has demonstrated that pulsating forces increase the rate of bone remodeling compared to static forces.  AcceleDent uses the application of pulsating forces to enhance orthodontics and moves teeth faster through accelerated bone remodeling.  Rather than using only constant pressure, the device applies very light vibrations to the dentition. 

AcceleDent is a removable device and is comprised of an activator and mouthpiece. The activator and connected mouthpiece are used by patients to provide a gentle vibration to the teeth – the activator vibrates at a 25 grams force level and 30 Hz frequency for 20 minutes. The vibration is transmitted from the activator through the mouthpiece to patients’ teeth as they lightly bite down on the mouthpiece.  

This science has been applied in other parts of the body to increase the rate of fracture healing and bone density in long bones. The science has been validated in animals, and multiple U.S. clinical studies have demonstrated that AcceleDent can safely move teeth up to 50% faster. 

AcceleDent has been on the market in Europe and Australia since 2009. After receiving FDA clearance as a Class II medi-cal device, AcceleDent was launched in the U.S. in 2012 and in Canada in early 2013. In just over 1-1/2 years, AcceleDent is already available in over 1,000 orthodontic practice locations across the U.S. and Canada. In September 2013, the product’s technology was issued a patent by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s United States Patent and Trademark Office, reinforcing OrthoAccel’s position as the industry’s leading supplier of an FDA-cleared device that accelerates orthodontic treatment. 

Fast. Safe. Gentle.

AcceleDent’s vibration is a reasonable and safe approach for accelerating tooth movement. In fact, the 25 grams of force applied to teeth with SoftPulse Technology is at least 200 times less than during ordinary chewing (5000 g).  In addition to safely moving teeth at a rapid speed, AcceleDent’s gentle pulsing may help relieve the sensitivity and discomfort often associated with wearing braces. Orthodontists and patients repeatedly report that daily use of AcceleDent greatly reduces the discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment. Patients have also reported that their 20-minute AcceleDent routine helps relieve pain caused by bracket adjustment and tightening on the day of their orthodontic appointments.

Clinical results

OrthoAccel® Technologies, Inc. has received positive feedback from leading orthodontists and consumers who tout AcceleDent for accelerating orthodontic treatment while gently enhancing movements directed by orthodontics. With AcceleDent, orthodontic treatment has been shortened significantly in some cases. Frederick Churbuck, the first U.S. patient to complete orthodontic treatment using AcceleDent, was originally predicted to undergo treatment for 18 months. However, by using AcceleDent, Mr. Churbuck was elated to complete his case in just 9 months. “My teeth are beautiful, and it only took 9 months,” said Churbuck after completing treatment. “It feels too good to be true. I am in a place so far beyond thrilled and am now an evangelist for AcceleDent because of my results.”

Shortly after the U.S. product launch, OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc. formed a Key Opinion Leadership (KOL) group comprised of a diverse group of world-class clinicians. Members present to their colleagues the scientific and clinical evidence behind AcceleDent’s groundbreaking technology, in addition to their own personal experiences, which include patient case studies that clinically substantiate AcceleDent’s acceleration of orthodontic treatment. 

“It’s important that we share the results of our case studies with our peers as it demonstrates that AcceleDent is a quality medical device that lives up to its claims,” said Dr. Robert Miller, who is a member of the KOL group and is also a worldwide, board-certified orthodontic lecturer as well as past president of the Virginia Association of Orthodontists. “Our evidence-based results are especially important since AcceleDent is a leading medical device that enhances and accelerates orthodontic movements.” 

Miller recently presented a case study for a female patient who was in treatment to correct a Class II open bite and was projected to wear braces for 24 to 30 months. By using AcceleDent daily as prescribed, she completed treatment in 10 months and did not have to undergo surgery or extractions. 

Dr. Straty Righellis, Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, prescribed AcceleDent to a 49-year-old female patient who then completed treatment 6 months early. Dr. Righellis’ patient was projected to wear braces for 18 months to eliminate spacing and to correct a functional crossbite, but completed treatment in just 12 months by using AcceleDent as prescribed. 

“I am recommending AcceleDent because I have seen in my patients that teeth move at a faster rate than I would normally expect,” said Dr. Righellis, who practices in Oakland, California. “In addition to moving teeth at a faster rate than expected, my AcceleDent patients report minimal sensitivity after each adjustment compared to other patients.”

AcceleDent® Aura aligns with industry trends

The orthodontic industry is in a growth phase driven by adults who are seeking orthodontic treatment either for the first time or to complement treatment received in adolescence. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, the number of adult patients has increased 23% in the past 20 years, with adults now comprising more than one in five orthodontic patients. These numbers are likely to continue rising as health and esthetic consciousness is at the forefront, and continues trending upward. 

Input from leading orthodontists and patients led to introduction of OrthoAccel Technologies’ newest device, AcceleDent Aura. Launched in May 2013, AcceleDent Aura houses a convenient USB port and includes an extension cable and power adapter. The USB port allows easy device charging and also offers orthodontists access to FastTrac, a patient usage report that allows doctors to monitor their patients’ daily use to more accurately manage treatment. AcceleDent Aura’s sleek design is lightweight, accessible, and compact, making it simple for patients to use virtually anytime, anywhere.

Parents of teens are pleased with AcceleDent Aura as it helps to alleviate concerns of prolonged wearing of braces and to help reduce pain and discomfort. Faster treatment is also the preferred choice for many students who may be self-conscious about their appearance in braces, or when participating in extracurricular activities, such as athletics, sports, cheerleading, acting, modeling, and playing a musical instrument.

Jennifer Wammack of Houston, Texas, is the mother of 13-year-old aspiring actress, Hailey, who started using AcceleDent with her braces in January 2013 and is on track to have them removed in December 2013. “AcceleDent was a no-brainer choice for us. I remember wearing braces from middle school all the way through my senior year of high school, and I do not want Hailey or any of my children to have to endure that discomfort or any chance of teasing from classmates. We’re happy with the results so far, and I’m already committed to making sure my other three children also use AcceleDent when it’s time for their orthodontic treatment,” said Ms. Wammack. 

Commitment to enhance orthodontic treatment

Mike Lowe, CEO of OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc., reports the company remains committed to supporting clinical trials that drive innovations for enhancing dental care and orthodontic treatment. An Investigator Initiated Research Program was recently launched by OrthoAccel Technologies to support independent research projects. The program awards unrestricted grants to orthodontists, clinical researchers, and basic scientists who are interested in studying AcceleDent’s efficacy in an academic or practice-based setting. 

“We’re proud that AcceleDent has been rapidly adopted by key influencers and mainstream orthodontic practices. To build upon that success, our Investigator Initiated Research Program will unveil additional product development opportunities for OrthoAccel Technologies as we strive to advance the area of accelerated orthodontics,” said Lowe. 

For more information or to schedule an in-office presentation, please call 1-866-866-4919 or visit acceledent.com. 

About OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc.

AcceleDent was developed by OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc., Houston, Texas, a privately held company that focuses on developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative technologies to enhance dental care and orthodontic treatment. The first AcceleDent was launched in 2009 and has been recommended and prescribed to thousands of patients by orthodontists around the world. More information may be found at acceledent.com and

acceledent.co.uk, or requested via


This information was provided by OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc.

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