Rolling with the changes

Publisher Lisa Moler offers a positive outlook for dental officers after reopening and reinvigoration.

”I’ll be here when you are ready, to roll with the changes.” — REO Speedwagon

Lisa Moler
MedMark Media

As I write this perspective, the world has been going through a period of changes and modifications like never before. COVID-19 regulations have shuttered many restaurants and retail stores. Stay-at-home parents have transformed into surrogate teachers, and Zoom has become the go-to method of connecting families and employees, surpassing 300 million Zoom meeting participants each day. The image of heroes who wear capes and masks has been replaced with heroes who wear scrubs and masks, stand behind grocery store and pharmacy cash registers, or deliver food to those in quarantine. Even dental offices have been relegated to treating only emergency patients and are seeking innovative answers to sterilization and sanitization for the benefit of team members and patients alike. At MedMark Media, our leadership and team have been Zooming, brainstorming, and striving to serve our readers and advertisers with creative ways to keep in touch and open for business and information. Our CEs and webinars are online so that you can continue to accumulate knowledge and gain CE credits. Our web news is consistently updated, and we are always having interesting discussions with insightful key opinion leaders in our podcasts and videos. Check out our website to keep informed of our latest offerings.

In this issue of Orthodontic Practice US, we cover clinical topics that can help your practices grow and articles on how to survive COVID-19 adjustments to your business. In our CEs, Dr. Ryan Robinson discusses the importance of recognizing possible sleep issues in the oral anatomy that can adversely affect patients’ overall health, and Dr. Alfred Griffin Jr. discusses advanced indirect bonding and enhanced capabilities related to 3D printing of ceramic brackets. Dr. Donald J. Rinchuse, et al., address some considerations that orthodontists need to make to enhance safety to patients and staff as the country “reopens” from the COVID-19 crisis. Dr. Christopher Cosse looks at virtual consults and appointments to regain efficiency, and marketer Rachael Sauceman offers a telemedicine marketing checklist to facilitate patient awareness of implementation of telehealth solutions.

The ways that we approach our work have changed, but our commitment to keeping the publications relevant and flowing on schedule remains the same. Our advertising and editorial departments continue our everyday endeavors, even though we are more physically “socially distant” than we would like. We also are spending our time wisely by searching for ways to help you all regain your strength, spirit, and resources after this challenging time passes, and you are ready to return to the new normal in the dental office.

The song quoted at the top of this message remains my mantra. We are here for you. When you are ready, we will be here to roll with the changes. Stay safe, stay strong, and stay ready for reopening and reinvigoration.


To your best success,
Lisa Moler
MedMark Media


While planning the reopening and reinvigoration for your practice, listen to Lisa Moler’s podcast, “More Than Print, More Than Digital: A Global Dental Community.”

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