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In our special section on software, DIBS AI by OrthoSelect and tops Platform One show how they can improve the clinical and business efficiencies of orthodontic practices.

DIBS AI by OrthoSelect

A New Standard in Digital IDB

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing orthodontists today?

Staffing shortages, lack of doctor time, COVID restrictions, and patient satisfaction issues. These demands require doctors to find ways to provide superior treatment with limited time and resources. We created DIBS AI to help orthodontists tackle such issues.

What exactly is DIBS AI?

DIBS AI is a software and hardware platform that is setting a new standard in digital Indirect Bonding (IDB) by helping doctors save time and become more effective in their orthodontic practices. DIBS AI uses more than 30 patented artificial intelligence algorithms to create case setups, perform predictive modeling for treatment outcomes, and 3D-print highly accurate IDB transfer trays.

How does DIBS AI save orthodontists time?

DIBS AI creates efficiency and time-savings on three levels: First, the DIBS AI algorithms do most of the work for case setups, so doctors have to spend only a few minutes in the software per case. Second, our clients typically need less than 30 minutes for the actual bonding appointments. This time-savings frees up chair time, providing capacity to handle more cases. Third, because DIBS AI places brackets so accurately (+/- 0.1 mm), it can shorten overall treatment time and reduce the need for repos and wire-bend appointments. We simply help doctors do more with less. That is why over 200 doctors in the past 12 months have adopted DIBS AI into their practice!

What differentiates DIBS AI from other options in the market?

There are four elements combined that make DIBS AI unique:

  • While all software platforms require a certain amount of familiarization, our AI-powered system automates and simplifies the IDB process. This technology makes a complicated and time-consuming process much easier and faster for doctors and staff alike.
  • Our patented tray design fits, seats, and stays in place. Because we don’t encapsulate brackets, there are fewer gingival flash and debond issues as seen with some other options on the market.
  • We make the process easy. Our customers can do as much or as little of the case setups as they like. We’ll do the rest. We can even 3D-print IDB trays in our lab in under 24 hours.
  • We don’t use subscription pricing or We simply charge a low per-arch fee.

What types of software support is most important to orthodontists, and how do you provide for that?

No two doctors or their needs are exactly alike, so we believe in providing flexible support options. That is why our customers can connect with us through a variety of means, including phone, email, chat or video — whatever works best for them. Our top priority is to make doctors successful, so we provide unlimited, free support with our U.S.-based team of support specialists. We are not satisfied until our customers are!

How does your company provide/prepare for the future of orthodontics?

As new providers enter the market, orthodontics will become increasingly competitive. Therefore, we created DIBS AI to be a powerful tool orthodontists can use to differentiate themselves from their competition — and we continue to innovate and improve our software platform. In the coming months, we will introduce tooth-root integration and the flexibility to provide braces and/or aligners all in one software platform.

To Learn More

Visit for more information and a free demo.


tops Platform One

Why Platform One?

“There’s never been any security issues with multiple locations in my 10 years of using tops. … The biggest positive that I can think of saying for tops, especially as a practice management software, is that I don’t really have to think about tops all day long because it’s just doing its job.” — Dr. Rob Aszkler of Aszkler Orthodontics

Why Platform One?

“There’s a reason we’ve stayed with tops since 2008. They’re constantly updating and changing according to our needs and the needs of the orthodontic community in general.” — Dr. Sandra Maduke of Maduke-Bulat Orthodontics

Why Platform One?

“For 15-plus years, I’ve had the same front desk. And she also helps with insurance and financial contracts. In most offices, that is a multi-person arrangement. And because tops is so smooth and straightforward in that area, she’s always been able to carry all three of those hats as one person.” — Dr. Michael Fesler of Fesler Orthodontics

Why Platform One?

“If I had to do it again and start over with a new team, [tops] would be my first-round pick.” — Dr. Michael Geric of Geric Orthodontics

Why Platform One?

“I’ve had tops for the last 6 years. It’s never not turned on or not worked. No security issues at all. As an orthodontist, I just need it to work. tops flat-out works.” — Dr. Eric Leber of Leber Orthodontics

Why Platform One?

Platform One combines all your subscriptions into a single orthodontic practice-management app — a comprehensive suite of tools secured by single sign-on, powered by the ultra-fast Lightning Cloud™. All backed by exceptional customer service. One vendor. One bill.

Why Platform One?

Curbside check-in, digital forms, and more with plum. Call, text, or email us to learn more.

Platform One

To learn more, visit, call +1 770.627.252, or email us at

Software is just one aspect of technologies that can increase efficiencies in your practice. Dr. Andrew Nalin discussed his journey to a digital office in “How digital dreams become a reality” here:

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