All The Best Faces Wear Braces

Dr. Kyle Fagala has written a children’s book about braces that boosts self-esteem for kids in braces in a funny and endearing way.

Kyle Fagala DDS, MDS; Neon Canvas: Memphis, Tennessee; 2022;

In this book, Dr. Kyle Fagala waxes poetic about some patients with pretty diverse dentitions — one has teeth like gummy bears, one has three rows of teeth, and one is a snowman with a case of “frostbite.” They all have different reasons for visiting the orthodontist, but they all have one self-esteem boosting characteristic in common — all the best faces wear braces.

Once upon a time, kids were subjected to nicknames like “Brace Face,” or “Metal Mouth.” It was hard to smile or eat in the school cafeteria while trying to keep one’s mouth closed. But thankfully, times have changed with new types of options for straightening teeth and, with this book, a mindset that makes braces cool. For example, one page boasts of an Internet influencer on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, who “gained followers in such an impressive amount, the braces got their own account.”

Dr. Fagala’s new book of orthodontic-inspired children’s rhymes was developed in coordination with Neon Canvas, the digital-marketing company he cofounded in 2016 with Alex Rasmussen, and illustrated by nationally syndicated cartoonist Greg Cravens. Dr. Fagala said that he wrote the book as a celebration of the unique individuals who choose to be patients at his practice, Saddle Creek Orthodontics. Then he decided to expand the book’s reach. “This was too good of an idea for us to keep all to ourselves,” said Dr. Fagala. “We debuted the book at the AAO meeting, and it’s already getting a tremendous response.”

Pages have large colorful illustrations and large, readable font. Dr. Fagala and Neon Canvas created the book to be customizable to other orthodontic practices. Available in paperback or hardcover (with silver foil braces on the cover), the customized book can include the doctor’s name on the cover, logos in multiple spots, customizable practice information, and even a custom caricature of the doctor(s). Distribution is limited to one per market.

Dr. Fagala invites orthodontists to learn more about the book at The Memphis-based orthodontist is a frequent public speaker about orthodontic social media and digital marketing, a course director and lecturer at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, host of “The Digital Orthodontist: Live” video podcast, and drummer for Relapse, a band made up entirely of orthodontists that recently performed in front of an audience of 2,000 at the American Association for Orthodontists annual meeting in Miami.  

“All the Best Faces Wear Braces is a celebration of the unique individuals who choose to be patients of our practice,” notes Dr. Fagala. He wants his patients to love their faces whether they are in braces, or afterwards when they flash their new spectacular smiles.

Review by Mali Schantz-Feld

Besides his children’s book about braces, Dr. Fagala has written for Orthodontic Practice US on how to ramp up your marketing know-how. Read “7 marketing musts for orthodontists in 2023” here:

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