BioDigital Orthodontics: Management of Class 1 non–extraction patient “Standard–Track”© – 9-month protocol: part 6

Dr. Rohit C.L. Sachdeva, and Drs. Takao Kubota and Kazuo Hayashi, discuss a treatment for Class I non-extraction patients 


BioDigital Orthodontics is driven by a culture of high performance organizing.1-4 In a previous article,5 the ability to complete care of Class I patients requiring non-extraction treatment in 6 months or less was discussed.


This is only possible if the practice is geared towards providing proactive and highly reliable care and if the patient, doctor, and care team are aligned in terms of the treatment objectives. The clinical pathway guideline for this Fast-Track approach to care was also discussed. In certain clinical situations, it may be difficult to implement a Fast-Track approach, especially when the practice is new or not ready to change its culture to that of a high performance organization. The purpose of this article is to describe an alternative clinical pathway guideline enabled by SureSmile technology that aids the clinician in providing timely care for Class I patients without losing quality of outcome. This protocol is termed the Standard-Track© 9-month protocol.


Both the “Fast-Track” protocol (discussed previously)1 and the “Standard-Track” protocol discussed currently using SureSmile offer substantial efficiencies in treating patients without any loss of quality.6-10 It should be noted that the SureSmile Therapeutic Phase for both protocols are similar. However, the “Fast-Track” protocol developed by Sachdeva is distinctly faster than the “Standard-Track” protocol. Patient and practice characteristics play a significant role in determining the path chosen by the doctor. Future articles will systematically discuss the management of the additional spectrum of patients treated in the orthodontic practice.


It is with the deepest sense of gratitude that the authors thank Dr. Sharan Aranha for her unconditional and enthusiastic support in the preparation of this manuscript. Without her efforts, it would be impossible to write and prepare this paper in a timely fashion.




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