OrthoSelect Announces Major Advances in Digital Bracket Placement with the Release of DIBS AI 7.0

AMERICAN FORK, Utah, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OrthoSelect, a leading orthodontics software company and digital orthodontics laboratory, announces the release of DIBS AI® 7.0. Already the premier provider in digital orthodontics, OrthoSelect advances the science of precision digital bracket placement even further through this latest version of its DIBS AI software platform.

Key new features in DIBS AI 7.0 include:

  • True Torque Expression: Predicted outcome simulations now include visualization of the actual inclination of each tooth. AI algorithms take into account bracket slot size, slop, and finishing wire size & form to produce the most accurate predictive outcome available today.
  • Tooth Root Integration: Converted CBCT-to-STL scans can now be integrated into each DIBS AI case. Doctors can adjust a bracket’s height, tip, rotation, and torque to see in real time where each complete tooth (crown and root) will end up.
  • Uniform Occlusal Contacts (UOC): This powerful tool automates small adjustments to close occlusal gaps and remove overlaps, resulting in an almost perfect alignment of uniform occlusal contacts.
  • Refined Automated Marginal Ridge Alignment: Enhancements to our supervised (4-layer-deep) algorithm for better alignment in height, inclination, angulation, and rotation have resulted in near perfect marginal-ridge alignment.
  • Open or Close Extraction Spaces: The space created from an extracted tooth was automatically closed in previous versions. Now you can easily choose to either keep the space open or closed.
  • Improved Default Bracket Height Options: Create, save, load, and choose from different default brackets height options. For example, defaults can be set for open bites, deep bites, or “Smile Arch” (Pitts21) outcomes.
  • Refined Long Axis Angle: The angle of the long axis lines have been improved to better align with each bracket’s prescription built-in angulation.
  • Advancements in Tray Generation: Continued improvements in the software’s ability to generate accurate transfer trays have been added, along with features for better name embossing, trimming, and segmenting quickly and easily.

In discussing the launch of DIBS AI 7.0, OrthoSelect President Steven Gardner stated, “We are excited to introduce the latest advancements to DIBS AI! This powerful tool for orthodontists continues to improve precision digital bonding. All these enhancements are carefully crafted to optimize and simplify doctor workflow and make an orthodontic practice more efficient and cost effective.”

Be sure to visit the OrthoSelect booth (#2824) at the upcoming American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual Session, May 21-23 in Miami Beach, FL, to learn more about the power and simplicity of DIBS AI 7.0.


The DIBS AI software platform simplifies and automates the process of orthodontic patient case setups, creates predictive outcomes based on any bracket prescription, and provides the flexibility to 3D print extremely accurate bracket transfer appliances (commonly known as IDB trays). These advancements free up precious doctor, staff, and chair time by shortening bonding appointments by a third or more, as well as reducing overall treatment time through significant decreases in wire bending and bracket repositioning. The benefits in improved accuracy and time savings can result in a reduction of 25% or more of the orthodontist’s cost of treatment.

To learn more about how DIBS AI can transform your practice and to schedule a free demo, please visit www.DIBSAI.com.

DIBS® has received FDA clearance under section 510(k) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and is a registered trademark of OrthoSelect, LLC.

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