Reduction of patient visits without the expensive lab fee

The new Norris 20/26 System from Dynaflex offers value, control, and clinical excellence with this bracket’s advanced door technology.

Norris 20/26 System

As orthodontists strive for clinical excellence with fewer patient visits, customizable braces have emerged as a popular solution. However, many of these platforms come with an unavoidable lab fee, reducing profits for doctors. And, for those who prefer the efficiency of self-ligating brackets, a customizable bracket is not an option. So, what is the alternative that may provide a better ROI and be a better fit for your practice?

A bracket slot that better fits the wires you want to use

For doctors who love the PSL workflow, but want an easier time finishing in a 19×25 wire, the .020 x .026 slot allows clinicians to pick up torque control earlier in treatment and maintain optimal 3-dimensional control of the teeth throughout the finishing phase. With this slot dimension, there is no need to implement uncommon wire sizes. You and your staff can use three common wire sizes from start to finish: 014, 18×18 and 19×25.

Bracket manufacturing and slot play

There are slight inaccuracies that occur in injection molding or milling brackets. ( Manufacturers have consciously made the slot a little larger so it’s not too small for wires to fit. However, those slight inaccuracies result in a major loss of torque and rotational control and unpredictable tooth movement. This has been compensated for in various ways from specifying additional degrees in programming, to continuous repositioning and wire bending. DynaFlex includes an additional proprietary manufacturing step to ensure that the slot dimension is remarkably precise. That manufacturing process, combined with the .020 x .026 dimension, provides unbelievable control with precise tooth movement and superior case finishing.

Torque Control In 2nd Wire 18 x 18

Minimize chair time with the most advanced PSL door technology

If a bracket door breaks, becomes jammed from plaque, or self-opens, then the benefits of self-ligating are eliminated. A self-ligating door needs to be user friendly for staff, it needs to be sturdy, and it must be dependable throughout treatment. All three can be achieved with engineering and design. The Norris 20/26® door employs the most advanced door technology with a dependable, audible click. This ensures doctors and clinical teams will love its reliability from start to finish.


The Norris 20/26 System delivers unbeatable value. Unlike other systems that come with hefty lab fees and possibly a steep learning curve, this system offers a cost-effective solution that won’t break the bank. You can achieve clinical excellence and reduce patient visits without draining your resources.

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This information was provided by Dynaflex.

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