Spark™ Clear Aligners & Damon Ultima™

For a comfortable experience, enhanced performance, and innovative materials, Ormco provides Spark Clear Aligners and Damon Ultima.

Two systems from Ormco™ designed to meet the needs of orthodontists

Spark™ Clear Aligner System

Designed for the needs of orthodontists, the Spark Clear Aligner System offers the latest innovations in aligner material and digital orthodontics.

For treatment planning, efficiency, and effectiveness, Spark’s Approver software is designed to give orthodontists start-to-finish control. CBCT integration lets orthodontists import and visualize CBCT patient data, while posterior Bite Turbos can be added to address complex cases.*

Spark’s superior force retention and surface contact of the Spark aligner is due to its manufacturing technology. Compared with the leading aligner brand, Spark’s advanced technology enables more sustained force retention and better surface contact with the tooth, and Spark Aligners are made with 80% better printing resolution and a more uniform surface texture.*

Spark’s beveled attachments conform to the surface of each tooth to provide a more uniform active attachment surface.* As a result, there is need to resort to optimized attachments — doctors can still obtain optimum results!

Spark’s proprietary CBCT features
  • Root visualization provided on all cases (not only on those submitted via CBCT)
  • Skin, Translucent Skin, and Bone and Soft Tissue preset views
  • Clipping plane available in axial, coronal, and mesial- distal views
  • Ability to continue to work on the prescription form while uploading the DICOM file, avoiding delays
  • Spark Advanced, Spark 20, and Spark 10* are available on all Spark products for increased control and flexibility

Please visit to learn more.

The Damon Ultima™ System

As is the first true full expression* orthodontic system with a proprietary integrated wire and slot design that virtually eliminates play for faster and more precise finishing,* the Damon Ultima™ System is designed with a unique and patented technology that provides orthodontists with earlier and precise control of rotation, angulation, and torque.* The signature Damon™ Smile is the result of the full expression with lighter forces. Orthodontists can treat in less time and fully express the patient’s prescription with fewer wire bends.* With this system, 98.9% of cases were determined to have first-order rotations corrected with the first round-sided rectangular wire, and full expression is achieved with the second.* After all rotations are corrected, the wire/bracket interface returns to a passive state while maintaining the desired rotational alignments throughout the remainder of treatment with the .0275” dimension wires.*

Options for enhanced torque control

For enhanced torque control, the Damon Ultima brackets are available in the neutral, retrocline, and procline options.* When needed, larger size and different material Damon Ultima archwires are available for more torque control.

Introducing — The Ultima™  Hook

For doctors who value performance and want to provide patients with healthier1 oral treatment and more comfortable experience, the Damon Ultima System now includes the Ultima Hook, the only re-positionable hook2, designed to save time.*

To learn more about the Damon Ultima System, please visit or

To read about how Ormco has helped successful orthodontists to expand their vision of patient care, read “Partnerships — the key to building a successful practice.”

* Data on file.
** Source article:
1. When used as a stop.
2. Using the Ultima™ Hook Repositioning Instrument.

This information was provided by Ormco.

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