Retainers For Life®

Orthodontist Dr. Amy Jackson founded Retainers For Life to provide retention care for disruptive retainer-related emergencies.

Stop saying goodbye to your patients

I have always loved the analogy that an orthodontist’s day looks like the flight pattern out of London Heathrow — you’re busy — in fact, you’re very busy. My name is Dr. Amy Jackson, a practicing orthodontist with four locations in San Antonio, Texas. After more years than I care to admit, I began recognizing problems associated with retainers. After trying a number of potential solutions, I ultimately realized they were Band-Aids® and resulted in further complicating my already busy day while not creating meaningful new revenue. This is how Retainers For Life® was born.

Dr. Amy Jackson, founder and practicing orthodontist

Company overview

Retainers For Life® aims to achieve a simple goal: create positive experiences for doctors and their patients in retention.Prior to Retainers For Life®, patients who lost, broke, or damaged their retainers had to miss school, work, or both to receive a replacement and keep their retention phase of treatment on track. Recognizing the success of companies like Amazon, we quickly realized providing easy, direct-to-door retainers was a value that patients need and want. With Retainers For Life®, orthodontists have a new tool to provide their retention patients with excellent care without sacrificing chair time or dealing with disruptive retainer-related emergencies, while patients receive affordable, on-demand, direct-to-door retention care and products. And the best part? Doctors are never cut out of the process — Retainers For Life® does not believe in DIY treatment.

How does it work?

From the patients’ perspective: After membership enrollment, patients have access to replacement retainers — for life! If patients need a retainer or any other retention-related product, they need only log on to their Retainers For Life® account and place an order. The patient’s digital scan is retrieved, a new retainer is made, and it is shipped directly to the patient’s doorstep — no visit or call to their doctor required!

From the doctors’ perspective: After a less than 5-minute presentation, patients enroll in Retainers For Life®. From this point on, all retention phase, retainer-related headaches are transferred to Retainers For Life®. As a Retainers For Life® practice, doctors are paid a quarterly profit-sharing disbursement, and all staff are bonused monthly for every membership sold.

But what if my practice is different?

As Retainers For Life® has expanded, we’ve become expert listeners. One key takeaway from working with doctors in almost every time zone, even Hawaii, is no two practices operate the same way. More importantly, though, is our belief this is exactly the way things should be and is why we customize Retainers For Life® to perfectly fit into each doctor’s unique practice.

Put simply, our doctors know their patients best and are our best ally for creating positive retention treatment experiences. Forcing practices to adapt to a rigid, programmatic model of care is against our DNA. At Retainers For Life®, we want you to tell us how the program can best be used for your patients and, collaboratively, we work to make that happen!


The retention phase of treatment should not be difficult for you or your patients. With Retainers For Life®, we are giving the gift of time back, not only to our doctors, but also to (my favorite) busy moms placing an order at 11:30 pm, who just want to finish the episode of their favorite show that they started watching 3 nights ago.


This information was provided by Retainers for Life®.

Retainers for Life is a new tool for orthodontists to save chair time. Virtual orthodontics saves time too. Read Dr. Christopher Cosse’s article, “The reality of virtual orthodontics,” here:

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